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Planks when chest congested

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  • Damer
    DustyQOTF I am really sorry to hear you're not well. Planks are not really an aerobic exercise so your chest congestion won't affect them and they. in turn, won't affect it. Being ill however reduces the overall amount of energy you have to do things so doing planks may feel harder than it usually is, while you recover so please bear this in mind and if necessary break up the time a little. Heal fast.

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  • DustyQOTF
    started a topic Planks when chest congested

    Planks when chest congested

    So I was planning on doing the Plank challenge for June but a week ago i got really hot and couldnt get my body to cool down and then over Memorial day weekend I developed a deep chest cough that last night/early this morning kept me up being sick with how bad it had gotten. I was wondering if planks would be a good thing to do while still dealing with this cough (cough meds and herbal teas designed to help with coughs arent working)