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progress tracking UI has changed

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    progress tracking UI has changed

    hi there

    I've just noticed that the method of tracking one's progress on challenges has changed, since i last was doing a challenge (over a year ago tbf).

    I know we had a hack back in 2019 and it was necessary from a security perspective to suspend tracking.

    I know that tracking was restored by i believe popular request at some point. I know i loved being able to tick a completed task or day off.

    What progress tracking looked like to me was that you'd tap on a day and you'd get a neat red cross across that day/instructions/goals.

    We now have a separate tracker beneath the challenge days.

    Click image for larger version

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    I'm just curious about when this changed and why?

    The previous version seemed a little more intuitive and integrated.

    If there's a separate thread about this, please feel free to link to it (i wouldn't want people wasting their time explaining stuff that was documented elsewhere).

    all the best,

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    The change happened back on January this year:

    Originally posted by neilarey View Post
    Unfortunately, the change was forced on us due to the device compatibility issues. Only about 60% of people actually got to use the functionality properly when the rest couldn't even access the challenges at all especially on older mobile devices. In the end, we had to come up with a compromise. We still have a way to track progress but yeah, it's not as satisfying as before. We will make the new boxes darker (I just added it to our to-do) so they are more visible.

    I hope this helps!


      Originally posted by Sólveig View Post
      The change happened back on January this year:
      ahhhh thanks Sólveig

      I'm glad that i wasn't alone in missing the old UI.

      At least i know what happened and when.

      much appreciated