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    Finding the Right Programme

    Hi All,

    Firstly thank you for all that you do - Darebee is a wonderful resource.

    I am trying to find the right training plan.

    I am 45 years old, 5'10'' and 75kg. I lost quite a bit of weight in the last year but didn't retain or gain any muscle, so I look thin but still have a big of a belly/lost definition. I am currently a little out of shape and have a sedentary job, so do not move nearly enough during the day and I have two small kids so time is tight.

    I would like to tone up, reduce fat but not lose actual weight (not sure this is possible). Perhaps this is called a recomp?

    I thought about one of the HIIT programmes but there tend to be no pulling / rowing movements. Does anyone recommend one of these plans and adding some rows? And if so, at what volume? I have access to a TRX and Pullup bar but cannot perform a single pullup.

    Alternatively, do you think the Spartan plan would be a good idea?

    Obviously nutrition is key here, and I plan to follow the Modern Hero Plan, supplementing lean meat protein 50% of the time. Does anyone have a similar approach?


    You want to build muscle, it's that simple. Building muscle while having your nutrition sorted will help you to reduce fat while not losing actual weight. At least in theory. In praxis, this can go both sides at first, but doesn't have to.

    That being said, I personally wouldn't do HIIT in that case. I'd gravitate more towards one of the dumbbell programs (with Ironborn being the best of the three, imo), or a proper beginner's full body routine from another source. If you don't have access to dumbbells, or just don't want to hit the weights, the strength based body weight programs here are a good way, of which Spartan Trials is one. If you're new to training, it might be a bit hard at first, but only one way to find out, eh? Alternatively, you can choose a level 2 program to start out, and supplement with a challenge to get your pulling motions in. If you can't do a pull up, there's options to work your way to that,meaning: Aussie pull-ups, dead hangs, and negatives.

    I also think 30 Days of Gravity is a bit easier than Spartan Trials, although it tests your endurance on some days. If you want to add cardio, aim for low intensity, like rowing, jogging, or cycling. Can't speak much for the meal plans, but if you take care that you get your protein in, you're already halfway there. Eating at a slight surplus might help, too, but that's something you might have to figure out over the first weeks.

    Good luck.


      Thank you so much for this, really helpful and inspired to get started! Much appreciated. Family commitments don't allow me time or money for the gym right now but I have dumbells, bands and a TRX so I'll give one of the Darebee workouts a try. Thanks!