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    Some advice needed

    Hey everyone,

    Glad to see this place is still alive and kicking.

    It's certainly been a while. Almost 5 years, in fact - according to the "recent posts".

    Quite a few things have changed. Some for the better, some - not so much.

    Had a question I figured out I could ask some of you, beautiful people.

    Due to the kind of work I have been doing (combined with a fairly unhealthy lifestyle, in terms of the amount of movement and exercise I was getting per day - and the amount of strain I did put myself under, the few times that I did hit the gym) I seem to have developed a somewhat persistent case of inflammation in the rear, commonly referred to with a word, which starts with an H (how fateful).

    Spelling it fully feels both embarrassing and slightly humiliating, given the kinds of results that I did manage to achieve before, so I'll spare you the trouble of having to read it in an explicitly laid out manner.

    Just one thing I wanted to ask you guys, especially those who to deal with this sort of thing in the past: what kind of regimen would you recommend to get back into shape, taking into consideration this condition?

    I paid the visit to a doctor already a few times, and he has advised me to refrain from any kind of exercise whatsoever, except for a bit of a quick walking. Prescribed me a few creams and whatnot, and although they seemed to be doing the trick at first, the thing just kept coming back. Needless to say, I've lost basically all the shape I used to have. And the next "medically prescribed" thing to do would be do a undergo a whole surgery, which could put an additional strain on my own savings, as well as kick me out of the loop in terms of work and other arrangements. The idea doesn't seem particularly appealing, as you can imagine.

    Not asking for any medically approved answers, that would be silly and just plain wrong. I could definitely use a bit of a perspective from someone who had to deal with such a thing in the past. Is there any way I can get rid of this annoyance without any explicit medical involvement, perhaps by following one of DB's Foundation programs? Or would you advise to just go through the somewhat frustrating intervention and to get it over with as soon as it can possibly be done?

    There's a possible challenge with the answer "yes" to that last question: we're still in the middle of an armed conflict here in Ukraine, and it might be hard to find the time, the place and the person who'd be willing to help me deal with this thing - surgically, I mean.


    I've never dealt with your problem myself, only some second hand experience. I don't know what your doctor has told you, but if I were you, I'd look into a couple of things, if you haven't already done so:
    -your nutrition. Drinking enough? Getting enough fibre? Too much, perhaps? You could experiment with upping your fibre content, or lowering it. Takes some time, of course. Physillium husks can help, as can food that contains pectid, like apples and most marmelades or jam.
    -external sources of irritation. With this, I mean wiping technique. Can't say that without poking the elephant in the room. Sorry. Applying some lubricant like jelly or whatever before and gently wiping afterwards, or better yet, washing, might drastically lower irritation and even help getting rid of them
    As for exercise, I'd look into body weight exercises, calisthenics, yoga, and cardio, and would abstain for now from everything that puts a lot of strain on the muscles in that general region. I talk about heavy squats, deadlifts, that kind of things.
    In that regard, starting with Foundation would be a good idea, if you keep paying attention to your condition. If that works well, try raising the intensity carefully, keeping in mind your condition and your general fitness.
    Imo, managing health issues and fitness often is a very personal thing, needing responsibility to listen to your body, the mindfulness to connect what you're doing to what's happening, and adjusting accordingly. Get started on a light program, get a feel on how it works for you, and go from there.
    I'm no doctor, of course, this is only my personal opinion.
    Best of luck and I wish you a recovery without the need for surgery.


      Those are some great pointers, thank you - lofivelcro


        Heisenberg this is a condition that flares up when there is inflammation in the body. Inflammation has many causes ranging from stress to bad eating habits, insufficient sleep and so on. Given where you are my guess is there is a little bit of all of that in action right now. Barring medical intervention what you can do is help your body reduce inflammation. Sustained, low-intensity exercise is one way to do that. Anything from walking outside for an hour or two (if at all possible) to doing steps on the spot will help in this regard. It takes time (usually a week or two of daily exercise) but the results are usually satisfactory.

        I really hope this helps you.


          Originally posted by lofivelcro View Post

          -external sources of irritation. With this, I mean wiping technique. Can't say that without poking the elephant in the room. Sorry. Applying some lubricant like jelly or whatever before and gently wiping afterwards, or better yet, washing, might drastically lower irritation and even help getting rid of them
          if you can afford it a bidet might even be something to consider since it will rinse the area to help keep it cleaner. maybe find leg excersises that are not squats like the march steps and martial art types of things until you can get the condition cleared thn start a program


            Thank you so much, both Damer and DustyQOTF - I'll arrange things in my schedule to make time for your suggestions.

            There was also another comment by a guy who suggested the practice, taught by his yoga teacher - couldn't reply in time, but I wanted to thank you as well, as it seems to be helping too.

            Stay fit and awesome, everyone. If everyone needed any motivation to get back on track with their own training schedule, take it from me.

            This is what lack of proper exercise and occasional overdoing it in the gym can do to you.

            Slow and steady wins the race.



              Have you tried any of the workouts Darebee offers that you can do sitting down comfortably? I like to do Seated Cardio and Couch Potato. There's also the 30-day Arms of Steel: Chair Edition program. These should all be easy on your bum as you don't even have to get out of bed to do them.

              (I wouldn't just jump into doing these without checking with your doctor first, though.)