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    Avatar Upgrade Specifics

    Hello! I was curious about the Avatar Upgrade workout chart. There are some cards that left me a little confused as to what to mark on the chart and how many points it garnered. Like with Card 29, it says x3 Points for Endurance and x2 Points for "Survivor Mode." Does that just mean we multiply the points of whichever set pack we pick by 3? And what are we marking with "Survivor Mode?" Also with Card 30, it says Full Body but doesn't tell us where to mark anything on the chart.

    And so on. Not trying to pedantic, just trying to make sure I don't mess up anything

    Welcome to the Hive dorianfaust
    The Avatar Upgrade point-system seems to be a neverending source of confusion. Maybe this cheat sheet helps.
    Here is another thread.

    As far as I remember:
    Surviver Mode = Combat
    Full Body = Armor
    The illustrations are the same. The wordings a bit misleading.