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Physical job and training confusion - Fireheart - Fighter's Codex

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    Physical job and training confusion - Fireheart - Fighter's Codex

    Hey everyone

    Have been working a really physical job for a month now after being inactive for a while. The job requires couch/chair restoration/building and also delivery of aforementioned items, so I am dealing with building, restoring, lifting, loading and carrying (many times up several flights of stairs) really heavy objects on a daily basis.

    I believe I am getting all the strength training necessary through the job, but want to add something in the evenings to support my body, so it can function in the best way possible.

    My energy levels are a bit low and I thought it could be because of the new job, but also because I maybe need some more Cardio added to my routine.

    I am 49, 190cm tall, weigh 94kg and eat a Vegan diet (Quinoa, Beans, Lentils, Veggies, Rice, Oats, Nuts, Seeds etc.) and quite generous portions, so I don't think nutrition is the issue when it comes to energy levels.

    I am thinking of starting the Fireheart program and moving on to Fighter's Codex, with Unbound as a warmup and Fighter's stretching as a cool down, but would really appreciate some advice before I cause a burnout.

    I love martial arts training, but had to stop for a while because of a Meniscus tear and operation, but healed up now and want to start again.

    Your replies appreciated.

    Fireheart and Fighter's Codex are not on the same difficulty level, the latter being much more difficult.
    If you dose your energy by varying your training day by day depending on how you are, for example by doing more or less sets you shouldn't have any problems.
    The body takes a while to get used to the changes, just don't overdo it and everything will be fine


      Thanks for the feedback. I did the first Fireheart workout yesterday, with Unbound as a warmup and Fighter's stretching as a cooldown and found it complimented the physical activity of the day and also lifted my energy levels. I was of course tired afterwards, but did not feel 'exhausted' and 'stiff' like I usually feel after work if I just fall on the couch. I will take your advice and dynamically adjust myself to what my body is telling me.