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Help choosing a strength program for a runner

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    Help choosing a strength program for a runner

    Hello, I need some assistance choosing a non-intimidating and simple strength program. I am a 25-year long distance runner with little-to-no experience when it comes to strength training. I want to protect my bones and prevent future injuries. I suck at sticking to strength workouts because I just do not like doing it. Can you help me choose something that a strength-novice and strength-training-hater can stick to?

    Hello Pamela76 welcome to the Hive.
    If you want something specific, there is a workout collection for runners:

    Otherwise you can do:
    It is a good introduction to strength exercises.

    This one is good one to strengthen the tendons:
    (... as a runner it might suit you, but it can be hard on some days, don't mind to take small breaks as the manual suggests)
    There are lots of options on Darebee... Have fun!