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Darebee Program + Weightlifting

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    Darebee Program + Weightlifting

    Hi! I'm 28 and I have been weightlifting (Bro Split, 4x a week) for 6 months now.
    I'm trying to incorporate bodyweight exercises to my weekly routine in the hopes of lessening joint soreness and increasing mobility.
    I want to do a darebee program while still maintaining my weekly gym routine.
    Any advice on how to schedule my workouts and which program to do?

    Hello asian_glow, and welcome to the Hive!

    If you already have an intense training regimen, adding more on top of it may not help with joint soreness. Bodyweight workouts can also be intense, depending on how difficult the exercises are. But Darebee still has some nice add-on programs that may help you with your mobility - I'm mostly thinking about this one:

    You may also want to have a look at the easier cardio programs, such as these.

    I hope it helps!


      A yoga program never crossed my mind but it does seem to fit my needs.
      I'll try to do this with my current regimen.
      Thanks for the advice Redline


        Originally posted by asian_glow View Post
        Hi! I'm 28 and . . .hopes of lessening joint soreness and increasing mobility.
        28 and have joint soreness ! is that from your exercise, what is your routine like ? maybe a Cross Fit style would work for you. Do you go to a gym or train at home ?

        When I started Tai Chi Chuan back in 1979 and trained 2 and 1/2 hour 3 days a week plus home practice the knees got really sore, my teacher sez it goes away and it did. When I started lifting weights I felt like a cripple afterwards and that also went away.

        I do some muscle tensing sometimes called muscle control.

        Not many learn Tai Chi Chaun these days, every day I do 2 styles of solo forms and then sword and sabre forms (both sides) each weight 2.5lbs, I've been into Tai Chi for over 43 years and first started Hatha Yoga in '73 but have been real regular with that since 2015.