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Any rugbiers here?

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    Any rugbiers here?

    Hello everyone!

    Well I need some help, I play rugby XV, I'm a prop and I need some advice about exercise that can help me to improve my game...
    I just start playing about two months and now I need to gain muscle, I'm pretty slow even for a prop so how can I improve to be faster and gain endurance of course...also what programs or workouts you think would be useful in order to gain muscle and strenght...
    I'm a lit bit lost in all of these...

    I have 3 days of workout with the team, and 2 days a week I can use the gym of the sport centre so I can use more equipment if need it, the rest I can workout at home without any equipment.

    Thanks for your time!
    And happy new year!

    Hey Lehane!

    Getting faster, putting on muscle and building stamina are three different things. You can do all three, but be aware that each one will need specific focus and attention, and sometimes, getting better at one will be detrimental to the others in the short run.

    Now, I'm not a rugby player myself, but if you want to become better at running, here is an article you may want to read:

    If you want to put on muscle, strength training with a calorie surplus is the way to go - but remember that the heavier you get and the harder it will be for you to run, especially for a long time.

    HIIT may be a good way to get the best of both worlds here - there are several programs in the resource you can use, which will give you more explosiveness and durability, and help with your rugby playing.

    Is that helpful? Do you have any other specific questions?


      Thank u so much Redline!

      the recommendations are very helpful, I know that if I want to grow muscle, getting faster can be harder, but right now I can't do a simple run on the field, I need just to keep the game during the 80 minutes but without the feeling of losing a lung hahaha

      I think I'll go with the HIIT, maybe it would help me to gain endurance