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    I’ve been exercising every day for over a year now, but honestly, I still don’t really watch what I eat that much, and I think that it’s about time that I change that. I guess how I eat isn’t really that bad, because I am in pretty great shape and even measured in at an excellent 10 percent body fat pretty recently, but I can’t help but feel like if I got my diet under control, I’d be even healthier, and that I’d look better too (I’m quite happy with my health and body image, but striving to improve is always a good thing).

    Honestly though, I’m not sure where to even start. I’m actually a vegetarian, (I’ll eat eggs and consume dairy products, but not meat or fish) which is a pretty big thing here. I don’t mind if food has animal oils in it by the way, because I’m not one for ethical reasons. I just find that meat usually smells and tastes gross lol. I’m thinking about slowing weening myself into it, like just starting with completely watching what I eat for one day a week, and then moving up to two after a few weeks or a month, so on and so forth. Although I will say that I probably will have one free day a week to eat whatever I want hahaha, because I think that’s pretty fair. I was maybe even thinking of doing two, but I don’t know, I’d like some input there. My overall goal is just general, well-rounded fitness by the way (to be strong, fast, and athletic all at the same time), which I know is an important thing to keep in mind here.

    Anyway though, any sort of nudge in the right direction here would be greatly appreciated. I'm willing to learn how to make food from scratch, although I'll admit that if I can find things that are already made (types of cereal or frozen food for example) that are healthy, I'll happily incorporate those, because I'm lazy and it makes things easier lol. Let me know what you guys think!

    Experimenting will get you started on your way. Being vegetarian is already a good place to start, but if you start cooking other meals you will probably find options that are also palatable to you. Identifying what has to go and finding logical replacements helps as well. I don't often get to do it, but at this point in my life, I will take a peanut butter sandwich over most other options for a snack or even a meal (though almond butter is better). Check out recipes here and elsewhere and start cooking! Recipes aren't as hard as they look.


      When it comes to nutrition, I tend to think about the health of things I can't see--brain, heart, arteries, lungs, etc. I think it's definitely worth being conscious of even if you're externally very fit since it can be hard to see when diet is causing stress to the internal systems.

      Food logging (maybe for a week) is a good way to get a snapshot of your typical diet so that you can identify things you might want to change. It sounds like you maybe need a goal here? It might help to take your snapshot food log and pop it into a nutrition tracking site (I think MyFitnessPal is a popular one), and just look at the breakdown of the things. You can look at things you want to increase or things that generally aren't so great for our insides that you might want to decrease--cholesterol, saturated fat, sodium, sugar (I'm probably missing something else). Then you might be able to make some specific goals around nutrition, which helps in sticking with changes in the long run.

      I'm a big fan of cheat days, though I typically think of them as free days or days off. I have one a week, tailored to whatever my weak spot currently is. I don't typically do the hog-wild/eat bucket loads of everything version of it because after a week of eating nutritious, balanced meals, something like that just makes me feel sick.

      I'll also say that I've found the darebee meal plans really useful. If I'm busy or focused on other things, I've got a nice blueprint to throw a meal together that's automatically nutritionally balanced.

      However you move forward, good luck! Optimal nutrition is worthy endeavor.


        Thank you for sharing the diet!