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    Starting fresh ... or trying to

    Hi All

    I want to start training again and maybe try not lose motivation however I'm not sure were best to start or what type of programme would be best. I would like to aim at losing body fat and improving cardiovascular health. Can anyone help out please?

    If you go to the main page of the site (not of the Hive, but for Darebee) at the bottom of the page there is a section on "Getting Started". I would suggest checking that out and getting an idea of how you want to approach your training. Programs and challenges are the easiest to follow but you can also follow training plans, or exercise-of-the-day/workout of the day, or just design your own training. Under "Cool And Useful" is the fitness test as well which is important to start with.

    I would recommend checking those first then coming back with more specific questions. It is hard to give you advice if you don't know what your fitness goals are, or what you are capable of doing.

    I would also highly recommend to start a check-in thread. I was skeptical of them at first, but they are a really effective way of keeping people on track.


      CaptainCanuck beat me to it. Check-in thread is a great idea for motivation.

      Welcome to the HIve borga7223
      A good place to start is the manual.
      Then the fitness test gives you an overall idea how you fit in the programs/workouts.
      And finally here is How to pick a program.
      The best program is the one you start today and finish within a reasonable time.
      Foundation, 60 Days of Cardio or 10 are good starting points. Square one, Foundation light or Baseline if forementioned are too hard.
      The program page has a very good filter that helps your selection.

      There are 1400+ workouts in the database, but there again is a filter to help you find the ones that suit your fitness level and what part of the body you want to train.
      Weight loss is mostly a nutritional issue and it will not happen on preferred areas. Sorry. There are no 'loose-your-belly-fast excercises'. That's just a myth.
      Have a look into the nutrition section esp. the article on protein.
      Take it easy, start slow and find a sustainable routine that fits your lifestyle/schedule.
      When motivation runs out, try to replace it with discilpine for a while. It will come back again.

      For making your own training plan here are some templates, fill them with the workouts according to your needs. When you're not sure what to do, stick to the programs.

      If you are happy, do not forget to show some love to the makers of this fine resource.
      Good luck


        Beside from the given advices, I want to add this guide: Why we lose motivation and how to get it back

        Try to figure out why you stopped before. Maybe you started too fast. From the guide mentioned, I find this really helpful: “Task: do light training for five minutes, whatever happens, every day at the same time to teach your brain that it’s not always hard or painful to exercise.”


          Thank you all so much for your help