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Plyometrics workouts?

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  • CaptainCanuck
    Plyometrics means that you are jumping in one fashion or another (leaving the ground), so anything with jumping lunges, jump squats, side to side jumps, knee tuck jumps, hops or burpees would do it. There is no way to see them in the filter, you would have to search for them specifically. I think lower body workouts would have a lot of them. For instance, Primal or Cardio Max would do it, but they are all over the database.

    What is it that you are training for? Jumping high and jumping long are similar but different enough that you would need to train differently for them. I was not training for anything in particular, but I used to do a plyometric element to leg day when I was at the gym a couple of years ago. You can just do standing long jumps as a form of plyometric training. Do 10 of them in one set, you will feel it.

    Additionally, if you need more challenge then jump over something or onto something. For instance you can do jump squats to jump onto a box, or do side to side to jump over a step.

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  • GiorgosD
    started a topic Plyometrics workouts?

    Plyometrics workouts?

    I know this is probably a question posed 1000 times (I, for one, have asked again), but I have forgotten what you told me, plus I didn't write it down, plus plus I don't know what to search for to find specific workout details. So, here I go:
    What are some workouts that target plyometrics, especially for high and long jumping? I remember "" but I need something faster and more compact... Do you have any suggestions? Also, exercises that focus on these aspects, plus sets/reps would be great!!!