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Feel ill after leg exercises

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    Feel ill after leg exercises

    Hi all
    I've been working my way through Ironborn slowly (I take a few rest days here and there)

    I'm finding though that doing the "Leg Day" is absolutely destroying me , to the point I feel ill for a few days afterwards.

    My lower body is weak
    I'm wondering should I continue doing the exercises but remove the weights .
    But then that seems to make a mockery of doing "Ironborn"

    This is also knocking my motivation .

    Anyone else suffer with the same issue ?

    It's hard to know limits on where to stop as I feel ok when I'm doing the exercises, but twice now Ive been wiped out for a few days and have failed to do exercise at all .

    Any thoughts or help appreciated


    Reduce the weight of the dumbbells
    There is always some exercise that hits hard where we are weakest, we can improve but we just need to find the way that works for us.


      Ironborn is a pretty heavy programme in a way. If it wipes you out and prevents your doing any exercise for a day or so afterwards, I would suggest you stop it and choose a different programme. Have you done the fitness test? If your lower body is weak, you might consider just doing some lower body workouts to build up a bit of strength. You might also consider a level one or two programme - for example, Zero Hero is a fun RPG at level 2. I don't know your level of fitness or what you've been doing, but it never hurts to start slowly and increase things if you find them too easy. As you've experienced, having to go backwards does affect your motivation, whereas finding something easy and increasing difficulty makes you feel great! Similarly, finding something that is just right for you right now - regardless of level - is also a wonderful thing.


        I remember doing a 20 rep squat program that had you add 5lb each workout to the lifts, it recommended twice a week but as I progressed I was doing 3 workouts every 2 weeks otherwise I couldn't add the extra 5lbs. That was in 2004, now at age 69 I'm in the gym lifting heavy again but have to let meself recoup otherwise I'd not have strength to lift heavier next time. Like with the 20 rep squats I started with a 125lb bar and went on to 230lbs.