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    Which workouts I should

    Hi everyone
    So basically i just discovered this site today and i got overflowed with this nice workouts but i don't know which one i should start doing.That's why i'm here to ask you about your opinions and suggestions about them.
    I want to start doing them at the beginning of the new year as my new year resolution.My goals are to get:stronger,be more durable,gain muscles,get a abs,improve my cardio and get flexible cause i want to do a parkour

    I will be very grateful for your suggestions and opinions

    So first of all, there is a parkour workout in the datebase. If you haven't done any parkour before (I should note that aside from obstacle course racing which is a related, that I haven't) then you might be surprised that very basic parkour training is not very advanced stuff. Forget about jumping over building, it is more about learn how to roll and how to jump smaller objects (more like logs).

    It is great that you have a goal. It really helps to solidify your fitness journey and to keep a focus on what you want to accomplish. I have read that all of exercise can be broken down into one of three categories - endurance, strength and agility. The areas that you want to improve include all of those, so you are probably looking at full body training as your best option. It would be wise to take the fitness test and see where you stack up. Personally for me, in terms of using the website and understanding what you get out of programs and workouts, I found that it was beneficial to complete one of the level 1 or level 2 programs, even though I was at an advanced enough level when I started here. A couple of examples that I would recommend are Foundation and Baseline. if it is too easy, then you can always drop it for something more challenging and if not then you have found a good place to start. Once you have a feel for how the training on this site works, then just pick what you like out of the database (workouts, challenges, programs) and get started. As I said, your goal seems to be full body training, so really pretty much anything would be good for you.

    If you are new to fitness or getting back into, you might find that the programs are anyway a good place to start. I followed them for a long time, but have moved on to creating my own workout routine (even still, I do the occasional one). There are training plans as well as the programs.

    As a more holistic approach, you would benefit from going to the main page and checking out each of the main sections. People often don't take into consideration how important nutrition is in terms of progressing on a training plan.

    I would also recommend starting a check in thread. Check out some other people's threads and see how they report what they do. Some people create their own codes they they alone know, other people bare their souls to the world to read. Anything is fine, the check in thread is for you to keep you motivated.

    Finally, I would recommend just getting started now. Don't wait for the New Year. When you are still working out 12 months from now, and having made fitness a better part of your life, you will have wished that you didn't wait.