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Turning Circuit Workouts into Classic Ones

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    Turning Circuit Workouts into Classic Ones

    I’ve started to realize lately that I don’t really enjoy most of Darebee’s circuit workouts anymore. I just find them to be too long and repetitive, especially since I usually need to do them on level 3 and with enhancements to the exercises (weights, increased repetitions, etc.) for them to be challenging. I find that I enjoy the classic workouts far more due to feeling faster-paced and less repetitive. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot less of them to choose from.

    I was thinking that to remedy this, I could maybe take a circuit workout if I liked the setup, and then just use the same exercises in a linear, classic line. For instance, I would take the 3 P.M workout right here and just do 30 squats, 15 push-ups, 15 basic burpees, 30 reverse angels, and a 30-second elbow plank all in one go. I could add in 30 seconds of rest between sets and/or maybe 2 minutes between exercises if needed (not for 3 P.M specifically since it's an easy workout, I just picked a random one as a template to show what I was talking about, lol).

    I think that this is definitely worth giving a shot and is something that I'm for sure going to try, but I just wanted to see what you guys thought and get some input too .

    Yes sure, that is just one set training.


      Seems reasonable, that's what I call megaset.


        Interesting, I thought there was something important about the task changes.


          Joseph MacDonald
          It depends on your training goals?
          - fun- overall fitness
          - maximal strength
          - strength endurance
          - cardio
          - muscle growth

          Every training setup can lead to a specific goal.
          - circuits usually lead to good fitness/endurance/cardio, because you change muscle groups/intensities of the exercises...
          - classic setups are good for strength/growth, cause you intensely work one muscle(group)
          - your one set example would imho lead to endurance, it is not really a real classic setup, the exercises are just to easy for you.
          - my idea for a strength workout based on 3pm
          --- find a harder progression for each exercise...
          --- try a 3x10 setup for each exercise with 30-90sec rest
          --- maybe add a 4th set to fatigue, if you can still do 10, you need a harder exercise

          It seems like you are fit and the workouts you choose are too easy, time to search for harder alternatives...