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    Best program for resistance bands

    So, I was wandering through strength programs with weight and narrowed them down to two: Ironheart and Gauntlet. Thing is, I don't have the possibility of using actual free weights, so I was thinking if I can replace them with resistance bands. What would be an appropriate resistance for each, what rep/sets modifications should I do? Also, could anyone please give me a full body workout to follow regardless of these?

    Another thing; I plan on keeping my cardio just to walking around 15-20k steps/day (manual agricultural work), involving hills, and uneven terrain... Is it ok, or do I need to do some HIIT every second or third day to keep cardio gains? Of course calories will be lower to keep weight on check, but I don't want to lose my fitness from running and kickboxing...


    Oh my, the resistance bands have been around the Hive for a while.
    A quick Hive Search comes up with these results:

    Darebee is a mostly calisthenics oriented site.
    I guess the fact, that there are as many resistance band workouts as workouts with cats here, underlines this.
    There are other resources out there for this.
    Good luck and all the best.