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    How to progress a certain level workout

    Can someone please help me figure this out?
    Say I have a workout that love doing ( for example). But I find level 2 workouts too easy. What is a good rule to make it level 3 or more?
    For example;
    Increase sets by how much?
    Increase reps by how much?

    Is there a rule of thumb or something?


    Interesting, I am sure I have seen this one before, but I thought that anything with 20 pushups was at least a level 3 workout.

    A couple of suggestions:

    - Use resistance bands - there are lots of tutorials around for how to use resistance bands for pushups, squats and you can even use them for punching
    - Maintain time under tension - progress from the planks without taking break.


      Originally posted by CaptainCanuck View Post
      Interesting, I am sure I have seen this one before, but I thought that anything with 20 pushups was at least a level 3 workout.
      Same here.


      Use progressions and plyometrics:

      Close stance and/or deep squats, jump squats (=plyometric)
      Diamond and/or elevated leg (decline) push-ups, clap push-ups (=plyometric)
      Hooks and/or hold a weight (0.5-1kg) when jab/cross
      Jumping lunges (=plyometric) and/or leg weights (1.5kg)
      One leg plank and/or decline plank
      Starfish side plank

      The progressions will work on your strength (esp. the plyo ones), if you add sets or reps it's more about endurance.


        I wonder why it's even a 2, not 3, lol. It has 20 push-ups in it.

        Anyway, to make it harder without adding too much stress to your body than it's intended, for push ups you can try decline push ups. For the 20-sec elbow plank you can either make it longer or harder, such as putting your elbows further ahead.

        Or make elbow plank decline and rest your feet upon a box for side plank? I am not sure if it's going to make it more difficult, though.

        For other moves I can only think of adding weights, but that might go too far. Oh wait, you can do walking lunges instead of regular lunges, but, again, I am not sure if it's more challenging.


          In addition to everything else that's been said, you might consider only resting for 30 seconds between sets.



            ​​​​​​​I have the same question, because it def feels like a 3. Maybe Raven or neilarey can fix it..!
            Anyway, thanks a lot for your suggestions, I will try them out!!!
            ​​​​​​​P.S.: has anyone any experience with level 4 bodyweight workouts for building muscle? I am currently doing 5x5 stronglifts and seen immediately results, but I will be far from gym, so I want a strength workout that will maintain and/or improve muscle growth...


              GiorgosD As far as I know, 5-rep sets are within the strength building realm, not for building muscle visually (hypertrophy), but since I don't lift that much I can't really speak for anything. I only workout with my pair of 10lbs and some other tools.

              It makes sense, though, that sooner or later your body will have to build some muscle mass if you need more strength to meet the ever increasing weight in those 5x5, maybe just not as effective as doing sets with higher reps.

              There are a few level 4 strength workouts that I love and have done several times. Maybe I haven't done them any long enough, so I am not sure if they "build" muscles, but they do make me feel stronger.


                kandy you're absolutely right! I don't want hypertrophy, but since I am the ectomorph-no muscle-type, anything I am doing, builds some muscle... I really want that... Strength, which helps me in martial arts and running..! If you have any workout in mind, please share!


                  If you check out my profile you will see these two being my favorite:
                  Shredder Ab
                  Monster Legs For this one I have never managed the EC which is 3-min wall-sit, but I like adding weight to the calf raises.
                  I think they will be relevant to you, too. To me they are super solid.

                  Then these two:
                  Bubble Butt Currently this is my most frequent one. You can either do EC or shoot things up to 20 reps, which are the two ways I would like to do if I want to upgrade on this one
                  Superhero Abs

                  Currently I have a upperbody routine (not including abs) that looks half like Strength and Power (takes dumbbells), and I like to think of myself making it. The original workout is great and looks cool to me.
                  Less is More might interest you. You can easily increase the difficulty but increasing the reps and time. I did it like twice in the past? It's good. I am just not in the fitness level for more than a few push-ups now, and I really don't care.

                  Not listing more here, but there are a dozen that look cool to me and I would like to be able to do.
                  Or type the word "prep" in the workout search. It will bring you a couple workouts that might motivate you to set some new goals.


                    Less is More is a good one, it doesn't take long, and is especially good when holding the pushup position throughout. Seraph and Cerebrus are good too if you can hold the pushup position continously when it makes sense to do so.