Improving Endurance in Everyday Worklife

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    Improving Endurance in Everyday Worklife

    Hi Bee Fam,

    Been busy and more of a lurker the past while. I have a question about building endurance.

    I find that I have the energy for short bursts of activity but I tend to tire out pretty quickly during my workday when the activity is stretched out over several hours. And its not always "hard labour", that tends to come in short bursts throughout my day.

    Its the simple stuff like staying on my feet all day, walking up and down after customers, or maybe climbing up and down the step ladder to be able to clean the shelves properly. On a day like that, I'm beat when I get home. Yet in my opinion I didn't work particularly "hard", I just worked continiously.

    How do I improve my endurance so that I can have more steady energy levels? Should I try to do something like Totals? I only have about 30-40 minutes for a workout once I get home. After that, chores have to take priority.

    I'm currently doing Pathfinder.

    Maybe try some workouts from the Cardio & HIIT categories. You could try some in the light difficulty, then move up to easy, etc.


      I don't really know what to do via workouts, but I'd probably try low intensity cardio stuff that goes for some time. Cycling, rowing, walking, maybe Cardio Go if you want to do Darebee workouts.
      From personal experience, I'd say it comes with time. If you do it for long enough, at one point you might see yourself being on your feet for the whole day without being exhausted.
      A good breakfast often is a must for me. I feel lacking in energy when I don't have that. So you might check what you eat in the morning and see if you can tweak that a bit. Animal protein does the trick for me, things like fish and eggs.


        I agree with lofivelcro on being the matter of time getting used to being on your feet all day. That's true for me, too, and breakfast, yes, totally.

        On top of that, I would actually suggest strength workout over cardio. Having stronger muscles like legs and core can really help. You don't even need weight, but of course you can if you like it. And get better posture if you have that problem.

        I remember Darebee has some micro workouts you can do. Many are great for giving you a little extra help in getting the "endurance" if you stay consistent or simply getting yourself refreshed.


          Thank you all for the suggestions

          I'm not much of a breakfast person but for the past month and a half I've been having a protein shake for breakfast. (Just soy protein isolate, sometimes just mixed into my coffee). But of course, thats pretty much just protein. No carbs or anything for energy.

          I guess I could start doing some overnight oats in the mornings. And add the protein to that.

          Oh and posture is definitely a problem. But I remind myself throughout the day to keep my head high. Its incredible how much that boosts energy...