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    Full Body Workout

    Does anyone know, a workout that actually works out full body. Like, the full body ones, don't work out every muscle. (From what i've seen.)

    Welcome to the Hive BryanThePro
    Why would you want to do that?
    'Work out every muscle.'
    If you work the major muscle groups a lot of other muscles are in play. The more complex the movement, like a burpee, the longer the list.
    Let's look at a simple squat:

    Target (The primary muscle intended for exercise.)
    Synergists (A muscle that assists another muscle to accomplish a movement).
    Gluteus Maximus
    Adductor Magnus
    Dynamic Stabilizers (A biarticulate (=crosses through 2 joints) muscle that simultaneously moves through the two joints with little change in length, in effect shortening through the target joint and lengthening through the adjacent joint. Also known as Fixator).
    Stabilizers (A muscle that contracts with no significant movement to maintain a posture or fixate a joint.).
    Erector Spinae
    Antagonist Stabilizers (A muscle that contracts to maintain the tension potential of a biarticulate muscle at the adjacent joint. The antagonist stabilizer may be contracted throughout or at only one extreme of the movement).
    Rectus Abdominis