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    I am a new (senior) certified group fitness instructor. I am a senior too, I want to know a good routine for my senior group. Most don't want to get on the floor but are willing and like chair and some fast exercises. They also would like to be introduced to yoga. So I am asking about a good exercise routine for seniors, a chair routine strength, and a yoga routine,

    Welcome to the Hive WORTHY2BEFITT
    If you snoop around the site, you will find the Collections page. Hidden there are gems like the Mobility Collection or Sofa Collection and a lot of other good stuff. On the paperbacks page is a Fitness over 60 PDF for free with a lot of workouts. If you like it or any other stuff here, show some love to the creators.
    200 easy workouts hits the same spot.
    A simple search for 'chair' brings a ton of results including the 100 Office Workouts where a lot of chair is involved. Here is one with a cat btw.
    If you run a search on the programs with a 'very easy' filter you'll get 5 programs (one of them a Chair Edition!). The good thing about programs is, they have been tried and tested and you do not have to come up with own ideas for a month.

    I am not very into yoga, but from what I have seen, it takes place on the floor. Mostly. The aversion to get on the floor and to try yoga at the same time might challenge your instructorial skills. Good luck.
    But yoga it is:
    Using the filter 'yoga' on the workout page gives you 48 workouts to choose from. You can use the 'Difficulty' selector to refine your search. 30 Days of Yoga is a yoga oriented one month program. If it works for your crowd, you'll have to find out. Maybe just pick the days you find appropriate.
    Hope this helps.
    Good luck and all the best