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    Asking for experience

    Hi dear people.
    I just found this amazing page yesterday and got amazed of everything. I really liked a lot of its programs and workouts but i was asking myself is it truly works.
    So i want to know from someone who has experience with this type of workouts that the page offers. What about the experience, do it work for you? who long have you been using this page for your daily training?

    I am a 28 yo male, 5,6" tall and 165lbs. Kind of a skinny fat guy (noodle arms belly beer) and i have been doing some exercise before, with a 30lbs kettlebell and some calisthenic and running.
    And i am looking to go forward this page programs, since my goal is not have a bodybuilder muscular body but just health and have enough strengh to be abble to take care myself .

    As many people here can surely testify, Darebee works! As long as you put in the effort and the consistency you'll always get results.



      "Some" of the experiences...


        For me, it truly works. I don't keep a thorough training log at Darebee now, as I prefer to log such things offline, but I can say, that I'm using this website for several years, finished several programs, and yes, it works. It helped me to move from being very unfit person to enjoying physical activity and even running.I see practical results. Although I use other sources to, Darebee remains a base of my training. This resource is very good for someone who wants to exercise for health. What I especially like: 1) different difficulty levels, so you can choose what suits your goals and fitness level 2) It makes working out not boring, which really helps to stick with it long-term. I really like how the programs are built. 3) Many useful resources besides workouts (guides, mealplans)


          You won't get a "body builder muscular body" just using bodyweight exercises, which is a majority of the workouts here on Darebee. Here, you'll get fit, lean, supple, and strong. There are programmes that have engaging storylines that keep you going day after day - and that's helpful if you have any problems with maintaining a routine. There are achievement and programme badges, which are also incentives. Loads of workouts and programmes, which you can filter for type and difficulty level. And then, best of all, there's us! We're all here to help and encourage each other, and look forward to reading about your progress. So jump in, and have a go. Ask any questions you have - someone is sure to answer you.



            Yes, Darebee worked for me!

            I initially started exercising because of heart palpitations and because I was pretty out of shape. I liked the no-equipment, at-home focus.

            I have been using this site on and off for about 4–5 years. The programs and challenges helped me get from 0 to 10 push-ups and from running 0 to 5 km in one go. My cardio has improved drastically (I have been focusing on their cardio and HIIT programs). I started at level 1 programs, and now can do level 3 programs (and one level 4 program) on their highest difficulty (but haven't tried them all yet). I got leaner and stronger. So for me, the programs definitely work. (Don't look at my badges, I've re-done the programs several times and use DB daily.)

            Unfortunately, I can't compare DB to other resources, as DB programs and workouts are the only ones I ever tried (so far). I don't like following videos, so their illustrations suit me best.

            But I must say – it is also thanks to change in how I eat that I was able to get fitter. For that, I use other resources, but in the very beginning, it was Darebee who introduced me to the basics of good eating habits. I highly recommend reading their articles, they are super informative!

            As for the mealplans, I never followed them, so can't comment. I just took all my exercise from here and ate according to my other research (part of which also comes from DB articles). Sometimes I make some recipes featured in their database. I like most of the ones I've tried.

            The only thing that ever disappointed me about DB is that a) they went from vegan-friendly to vegan-only by removing all the recipes with animal products from their recipe list, and that b) they are removing some fun, challenging aspects from the site – e.g. by renaming the Daily Dare to Exercise of the day. That's been a clear downgrade for me, and I don't really think the reasoning behind it is solid.

            Overall, I am grateful for this site, its team, and community. It's been there for me during my whole fitness journey, from beginning to today and into the future. I've very recently been trying to come up with my own personalized workout routines, dabbing in new sources and learning materials, but DB is just a classic at this point. I will always return, trying to tackle the upper-level programs and hunting badges. Well, provided the badge system won't get removed for being too intimidating to newcomers as the DD supposedly was (I loved the DD as a newcomer!) Still not over it...

            Oops, that went off topic.

            So, that's my experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Darebee. It changed me for the better.
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              ElBoza welcome! I've used Darebee for monthly challenges in the past. Last month I started using several programs consistently: Daily Exercise, Monthly Challenge, Foundation & Pathfinder RPG. I'm not a gym rat, so working out at home on my schedule really works for me. The Hive community keeps me motivated and the sheer number of different exercise routines keeps me from getting bored. I also have dabbled into the recipe section. In the last 3 weeks I have definitely noticed more toning and am building some muscle. My endurance has improved as well. So--find a routine that appeals to you and make a commitment to be consistent. You won't be disappointed.