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    50/50 mealplan

    I have a question regarding the 50/50 meal plan and it is can it help with BJJ? Silly question it probably is but in terms of performance, is it a viable plan?
    I love how stupidly simple it is and I am planning to try a plant based diet to see if my health (physical and mental) improve but I want to improve my performance as well.

    Damer what are your thoughts? Other bees, please give your opinion as well.
    TheGrayLynx you have experience in BJJ, any thoughts?

    Many thanks in advance

    Well, tbh i have never followed the 50/50 mealplan, since in my case i have basically 4 foods i alternate between when i thought of this, i had few points: 1. If the plant based diet helps with your mental health in any way, go for it! The differences, prolly rather small, in absolute physical performance are then secondary. 2. Martial arts require by their nature many calories to keep you in peak perfofmance. However,if you get most of them from low density food,means you eat much in terms of food weight which is a detriment if you train quickly afterwards. Keep a good time between such meal and bjj session.3. Any healthy diet is important for performance,like in training,consistency wins. I suggest you try the plan, stick to ig if it works, and if not, discover new things. Also perhaps you could ask your club mates about this? Hope i could help!