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    Workout / Challenge Suggestion

    Was verry skinny / has tiny belly when i was young.
    After did some exercises i fixed my belly.

    I had a trafic accident 1 year ago. My left wrist got broke completely. Also My pelvis is completely split in the middle. Got operated,
    Was in bed for like 6 months. Now i can do basic stuff (Running slowly, maybe lift some weight(2,5kg coke and smiliar stuff) with my left hand.

    Doctors said there is no problem to do workouts / food challenges.

    Because i was in bed long time i got little overweight(85kg) also a lot of this weight i gained is in my belly.

    I also have small Scoliosis, because of this my belly looking very bad.

    Im thinking about starting sport stuff again. Can u guys suggest me a good workouts / challenges.
    Can try anything includes food / sleep sch. / workouts / challanges etc.

    Thank you for helping.

    Either Baseline or Square 1 would be the ones I'd go in your position. Unlike Foundation, these two have no floor workouts, so that'll be easy for your wrists. Pick whichever you find the most suitable to your difficulty, and if you're starting stuff again, go easy, and try to stick to a level of difficulty according to your capabilities.

    Back & Core, and Posture might help you with the scoliosis.