Regarding "Superhero Speed"

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    Regarding "Superhero Speed"

    I was searching for a level V workout and saw this workout... And I have two questions:
    1) are single leg jumps supposed to be 20/leg or 20 total?
    2) can I do something instead of clapping push ups, to give me about the same effect in explosiveness? I was thinking, either coming up fast without leaving the ground, or do it with knees on floor...

    i guess darebee had some guide where it read that their exercises regarded the nubers in 1=1 so 20 total, and yea i think you could build up to a plyo push up by doing them on knees and perhaps adding extra reps for compensation? You can also practice plyos just bounce as far away from floor as you can in a regular push up, also you can put books, med ball or other added height variables below on of your hands so to mimic imbalance and bounce upon them to build up into full plyo.