Foundation program is almost done, then what?

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    Foundation program is almost done, then what?

    Hello dear trainees,

    This is my first post here ^_^ as I mentioned in the headline, I am on the 23rd day of Foundation program ( but I am not sure what to do next, so here I am.

    As a brief introduction, I am 37 years old and I did body building in my 20s for a couple of years, but haven't done sports on a daily routine over a decade. My body type is ectomorph (at least this is what "the internet" says) and in my case it is not easy for me to gain weight, right now I am 1.80 m and 63 Kg (my weight has always been around 60 kg).

    What I want is, I am really interested in sports climbing (still a beginner) and I want to be fit and stronger. As a sports climbing enthusiast I know that core strength is important but also I want to improve my grabbing, pinching arm and shoulder strength. I am really not interested in beach body just want to improve naturally and on it's own pace. The only eqipment I own is Expender (resistance band) and the monkey bars(?) in our courtyard.

    Also I would like to add that we started the Foundation program with my girlfriend who has no sports experience except for yoga and sports climbing same as me. She is 55 Kg and 1.55 m so we probably might have to do different programs after this. Her goals are firstly losing weight and then mostly having condition and strength. Looking forward for suggestions!

    Thank you in advance, peace! 🤘

    Welcome to the Hive...

    Any program you find interesting will help you for your goal. Either for your climbing goals or for antagonists, so no need to spare something. And as you call yourself a beginner, you might need to build a fitness base first, before you head into specialised training.

    As a fellow climber, I recommend to beginners: Build a repertoire of different moves, grab as much different holds as possible and allow your body to rest between sessions.

    And if possible: hanging

    Have fun...

    p.s. have a look at that article:


      HellYeah is our climbing expert, but I could add a bit more from my own limited experience. I have read that beginner climbers are about the same between both genders, whereas being a strength based sport, one would think that men have an advantage. The thing is that men when starting out tend to muscle through with their upper body, while women instinctively use their legs more mostly out of necessity. That is to say that climbing is a full body exercise and therefore requires a lot of legwork as well. One thing that people tend to overlook in any physical activity is agility, and specifically coordination with the feet is something that is necessary but not something that people train for. Finding ways to both strengthen your legs while making them more agile would be good.

      That said you will need upper body, and the bar is good for that. I have done most of the pullup bar workouts on this site, and most are a bit advanced, but there are a couple that you could consider. Those as with the advice above start working on challenges on the pullup bar.

      You could look at Primer (probably the easiest pullup bar workout) or Minotaur (not as easy, but something to work towards.) If you find yourself unable to do proper pullups then negatives are always OK.


        HellYeah and
        Thank you for your replies, I started a new program after the foundations and I will start the challenges as you recommended above.

        About the challenges, shall do both of them at the same day or shall I finish dead hang in 30 days and then continue to flex hang?


          I would check the hangs see how many of each you do each day and decide if its worth doing them both or do one then the other the next month.