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    Running and Strength Training

    Hi all,

    I've been running four days a week and doing a strength focused program simultaneously (right now doing 30 Days of Gravity). I do the program right when I wake up then run after I get the kids off to school and before I go to work. I run MTTF since getting time for a run on the weekend with two kids is near impossible. I also do a quick ab program at lunch everyday.

    I'm running into issues where the program has a hard leg day on my hard running days (speed work Monday, long run Friday, recovery runs Tuesday and Thursday).

    The running programs won't work for me because I can't be committed to running on a weekend. But I can sneak 30 minutes away to strength train since the kiddos enjoy spectating and commentating

    I think I'd like to make my own training plan but I'd like guidance on how to structure it so that I don't burn out my legs. My goal is to get toned (currently 118 lbs, 5'6", but breastfeeding which takes a lot of calories).

    Can anyone suggest a schedule, like maybe:
    Monday - arms and speed work run Tuesday - legs and easy run
    Wednesday - yoga/stretch?
    Thursday - legs and easy run
    Friday - arms and long run
    Saturday - core? Arms?
    Sunday - stretch again?

    Should the strength workouts be high rep/low weight or the opposite?


    Well the high rep/high weight debate really comes down imo to max size vs max strenght goals. Judging by what you told, i think its best to focus on heavier compounds/main lifts like deadlift etc. and then do addon lifts with reps for hypertrophy 8-14 range. Often its good to do cardio/aerobic workout either before (long duration) or right after (intensity) after weights as then you are fresh enough for lifts. Hope i can be of assistance, best of luck to your journey


      There's no rule that says you have to do Leg days on the same day you go running. I don't think it hurts to postpone a training day/focus based on how you feel.

      Do you lift weights? I honestly wouldn't worry about your bodypart split unless you do. Personally, I follow a program and I lift for low reps, because I'm a strength athlete, and my program wouldn't look the same as yours. People place a lot of emphasis on the high rep/high weight debate; unless you're training for strength, you can aim for 6-12 reps a set.


        I would suggest checking out the Lift Heavy Run Long group (great bunch of people). Their facebook group is really active and good at answering questions like this one and they really specialize in the this category. You can also check out their web page at if you want to see what they are about before jumping on a facebook page.