What Would be a Good Maximum Treadmill Speed?

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    What Would be a Good Maximum Treadmill Speed?

    I use a treadmill for cardiovascular exercise on a pretty regular basis, and every time I do so, I increase the speed. The treadmills I go on at the local Y.M.C.A have the speed measured in miles per hour, and I do this by 0.1 miles every time, which is pushing the button to increase it just once, for example, last time I used one I went at a pace of 8.2 miles an hour, so next time I’ll increase the speed to 8.3. That was enough to have gotten me to the equivalent of almost 11.8 kilometres in an hour, even with me slowing it to a speed of 4 miles per hour at several points so that I could change the song on my phone without fear of tripping. This was pretty challenging, especially since I also put it on an incline of 1, and it was enough to take quite a bit out of me and wet my clothes with the sweat, but it wasn’t too bad overall, especially since I still had it in me to go and continue exercising after I got a drink of water and wiped some of the sweat off.

    I plan on continuing with increasing the speed, but I just wanted to get some opinions on what a reasonable maximum point to cap things off at would be. I could see going until I hit 8.5 or even 9 miles an hour eventually and then stopping there, but I don’t know, what do you guys think?

    It might make some sense to give yourself some distance goals, so that are aiming for certain achievements. It might give you a different motivation.


      CaptainCanuck That’s not really my thing when it comes to running, especially with the treadmill, because honestly, I don’t really ever aim to go a certain distance, I just stop when my timer (anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes) rings and I’m done, something even more apparent when I can just turn the machine off when that happens rather than having to run back home, although the further I can go in the time span, the better of course.

      I was happy with being able to go 10 kilometres in an hour on the treadmill even though that achievement was incidental, because if memory serves me correct, that’s a pretty good distance for that time. Being able to go well beyond that now is just a bonus for me, and all I really want is to see what the highest speed I can reasonably go at for miles per hour during my 60 minutes is, and then I’ll stick with that and find other ways to make it interesting, like decreasing my rest time when I slow the speed to switch songs. I don’t think I need a different motivation, because the way I look at it right now is working well for me and getting good results.


        Your max should be whatever you are comfortable with or what you are aiming for. One of my greatest achievements on a treadmill was to run 4 consecutive 6 minute miles (or in other words 4 miles in 24 minutes). At the time that made me one of the fastest runners in my army regiment. Just as a point of reference that required maintaining a 9.6 pace if I recall correctly.

        So that is all good, but I used to see people on treadmills next to me that could maintain a pace at 12 miles an hour for 20 minutes. Such a person would have been training to win first in a competitive 10 k or half marathon, and was well beyond my capabilities.

        So my suggestion would be to have a goal in mind, either distance or speed. If you are looking at overall functional fitness I would say that you don't have to go much farther. If you want to run faster than that, then keep pushing your limits.


          I also agree with CaptainCanuck on figuring out your goal and going from there. I sounds like you are just going as fast as possible for a set time which is awesome but you just need to make sure your overall distance doesn't slip. I say this because you may go from 8.3mph to 8.5mph but your mileage drops from a 5.6 to a 5 and all of a sudden you are doing way less work.

          For me it is usually distance goals and time doesn't matter (mainly because I'm not very fast). I can do a sub 2 hour half-marathon which is at least respectable but to run at 8+mph for any distance is a chore and I'm pretty sure if I tried a 9.6 I'd just shoot off the end of the treadmill so goals are a great thing to have in mind (even if a little vague).

          You are making awesome progress but make sure the work load isn't slipping as the speed is increasing.


            CaptainCanuck I see. I'm not really aiming for anything specific, so I guess I'll just have to keep going to see what I end up being comfortable with. That's pretty good. I could probably keep up with the 9.6 mile pace, although I don't know if I could maintain it for 24 minutes, but I probably could for 6, maybe 12. Anything beyond that scares me a little lol.

            Damn, that's pretty fast for pretty long. I might be able to do a pace of 12 miles an hour, although I'm not sure how long I'd be able to last lol. That makes sense, and yeah, they'd probably be beyond my capabilities too hahaha. I think that I could do anywhere from alright to pretty good in a 10 kilometre run though, but I'm not so sure about a half marathon.

            Still don't really have a goal in mind honestly, I'm just kind of going with it and seeing how it happens. That's good to hear, because I intentionally train to be as well rounded/balanced as possible when it comes to my fitness, so I guess one could say that I am looking for overall functional fitness. I do like the idea of running faster than that though, so yeah, I will keep pushing my limits. I'm not too far off from 8.5 miles an hour on the treadmill now, so I guess I'll keep going until I hit 9 and see how I feel once I get to there.


              Azercord Yeah, that is a fairly accurate description of what I'm doing, and I know what you mean. As for my distance slipping, it's usually been going up in the set amount of time, but at a few points I have done less miles with a higher speed, which I think was probably just caused by me spending more time on the lower speed of 4 miles per hour during those workouts than others, most likely just taking longer to find a song to listen to at points lol. It's never been by too much though, and the distance still seemed pretty good to me even if it was lower, plus the distance has been going up overall as I increase the speed, so I'm not worried about it. By the way, you mentioned possibly going from say 8.3 miles per hour to 8.5 miles per hour but my mileage dropping from a 5.6 to a 5. Do you mean 5.6 or 5 miles during the workout?

              I see. Though my speed is improving now, I wasn't exactly fast before either, so I can understand where you're coming from. Yeah, that does sound pretty solid, and lol, I don't mind it hahaha. No worries, I'm sure you're not alone there, and yeah, I know what you mean.

              Thanks, I'm glad to hear that, and that's good advice, so I'll make sure to keep it in mind.