Cardio with IT Band Syndrome

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    Cardio with IT Band Syndrome

    Hi everyone!

    I'm a runner who was training for a half and my plans have been unfortunately foiled by suspected IT Band Syndrome in both knees. I took a week off from running to see if the rest would rehab them enough, but it seems that I need a little more time to heal properly. As vain as it sounds, I'm used to a certain physique, and I'm trying to find replacement cardio that does not have me backslide too much in terms of running but also burns a similar amount of calories.

    As for my activity right now - I work 12 hour shifts on my feet, which I know is a contributing factor. I lift 5 days a week and have been doing lighter weights on leg day. So far I have replaced my runs (usually 4 times a week) with 30 minutes on the elliptical on a medium difficulty level. I'm a little stumped though, because the only cardio activities I really enjoy are running and Darebee's combat workouts, which tend to be pretty kick heavy.

    I know an obvious answer would be to change up my diet to match what activities I'm doing, but I am pretty conscious about the food I eat and worried that a calorie deficit would cause me to end up losing muscle.

    Last time I had a flare up, changing my running shoes to a zero drop heel really was the ticket, so I have new ones on order but it's going to take several weeks for them to be delivered.

    Has anyone had a similar experience and found something that worked for you before you could get back to running? I would also love recommendations on braces if you found them to be helpful - the ones I have are much too heavy and I think they exacerbate the problem.

    Thank you for reading this far!

    From what I just read it sounds like you are still plenty active to not lose muscle (like at all). I also wouldn't stress the calories too much as it sounds like you have some repair work to do the little bit extra you might be taking in will help since it doesn't sound like this is long term. If you were dead stop for a couple of month it would be a different story but since you are still very active and this is only 2-3 weeks I wouldn't change a thing food wise. Also stretch and roll those IT bands, best way to keep them injury free is to keep them loose and happy.