Pop-ups, there's gotta be a trick to these.

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    Pop-ups, there's gotta be a trick to these.

    I'm just not getting this exercise. For most exercises, I can conceptualize it, then physically work towards doing it. But for pop-ups, I'm drawing a blank.


    There is some trick to this movement that I just don't get. Any hints? (Before anyone says it, I've watched the YouTube video and it hasn't helped).

    ​​​​​Are there any substitute exercises that will help me progress to the "pop-up?

    neilarey , any hints to these?

    I think pop-ups are "just" jumping from your knees to a squat (I don't know about you, but that sounds super difficult to me). If so, then a way to progress to them could be doing kneels to squat, one leg at a time, like this (youtube). And this video seems to have a progression to them. Hopefully this helps.


      Maybe it helps if you rest on your toes in the start-position. Something like this (sorry for the bad art-work):
      Click image for larger version  Name:	ninja_jump.png Views:	0 Size:	43.9 KB ID:	803938
      Can you do a deep squat, like 'ass to the grass' and heels on the ground?
      Because that is the end-position, so if you have trouble getting that low, you might want to work on that.
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        Good point about flexibility.
        I can do the deep squat, squat hops, and so forth. What I do have trouble with is flexibility in my ankles and feet. Going to need that

        I like the vids. They help break down the exercise into the 2 parts: jumping as high up as you can from kneeling, then driving your knees and feet up into a squat. The second part is almost like the kind of leaps you have to do to box jump on a high crate. The key isn't just jumping but knee raising .

        I got some things to work on! Thanks guys !