Should I workout everyday? Are "ultimate burpees" safe to perform? paunch of

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    Should I workout everyday? Are "ultimate burpees" safe to perform? paunch of

    (long read)

    Hi all, I'm having trouble understanding how much I need to (or don't) rest. I rate myself to be a person of an average fitness level, probably even lower (judging by the capabilities of people I see around myself).

    Yesterday, I walked for about 7-8 kilometres, at what's considered a brisk pace by everyone around me (I just walk faster than an average person), which because I was out running errands all day. Later, I went out on my bike, for a ~20 kilomiter ride. Followed that with 30 ultimate burpees (link below). - 5 minutes rest - followed that by 3 sets of Less is more workout by darebee, took 5 minutes rest and then did push-ups (10) in the following fashion- 10-count pushup plank-10 push-ups - 10 count pushup plank. I tried doing another set of these 10 push-ups, but my hands won't let me. I believe that was because of fatigue (?). I tried doing some after 5 minutes too, but my arms still won't let me.

    Are these ultimate burpees safe to perform? Do they put too much stress on one part of the body, or have very high chances of getting myself injured? I haven't had any trouble with them yet, but I haven't been doing them for too long or too many. The highest I've done is 100 in a workout, and I've been performing them every now and then for the past 15-20 days.

    Now, today, I was expecting at least a little bit of pain in my upper body, but to my surprise, there was none.

    I don't understand what to make out of this. Should I take a rest day today (for my upper body)? Or should I workout today as well? How do I understand if I should be resting? I don't want to work out the way that'd injure me and need me to take rest, but I also want to work out the most I can. I hope I was able to appropriately describe what I'm trying to say.

    I also have a bulge of sorts, the region where my abdominal wall happens to be. It's almost as if I have a paunch, but a touch will clearly say that it's not. While I am aware there's nothing much that can be done about the bulge, I'd like to know if there are any bodyweight exercises I can do to add more material (for the lack of a better term) to the region beneath my chest, the region that covers the rib cage? I'm asking this considering things like clapping push-ups help build a bigger chest in particular.

    Premise: I am speaking simply from personal experience and I do not want to pass for an expert
    You can train easily every day, I have been doing it for more than two years in a row without problems but you cannot train in the same way every day.
    The training model proposed by Darebee is based precisely on training every day but there are days of active rest to recover.
    In practice, you have to foresee a few days of easy training in order to relieve body stress.
    If you don't follow a schedule that has recovery days already planned, then you need to learn to listen to your body and know when to slow down.
    As for the Burpees they are a very demanding exercise for the joints, I did them every day for at least a month in a row for a couple of times but now I definitely prefer not to do them every day, now for example my training plans to do them twice a week and so I have no side effects.


      Yea i think you should listen what Fremen said- every day training is completely feasible ( i do it too), but it is important to follow how your body reacts. I highly suggest either searching or creating (with help if needed) a program which to follow- this makes it much easier to actually do workouts that serve your purpose. For example, you can use the darebee stuff as stand-alones, or perhaps choose to do something like splits with weights and calisthenics in between. Also for the burpees- they are safe but only, just like every exercise, when done with proper form. Have a nice day!