Combining Strength Training and Running

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    Combining Strength Training and Running

    Hello everyone!

    I have had trouble planning my workouts lately, so I wondered if you coul help me.

    I would like to go on a run and do a full body strength workout everyday. I have tried to alternate them (go on a run one day and do a strength workout on the next) but nothing clears my head quite as well as running and I have noticed I am a lot less productive at work on the days I don't run, so I would like to do it everyday. I have also tried splitting the strength workouts into muscle groups but I really don't enjoy doing just upper body workouts, I tend to skip them. I would also like my workout routine to be pretty much the same everyday because, plainly, I am a creature of habit and I don't like change.

    So the perfect (and maybe only) solution to this would be: run everyday + strenght workout everyday. My question now is: how do I plan this without overdoing it? Should I do hard days, with long runs and hard strength workouts and light days, or should I combine a short run with a hard strength workout and a long run with an easy workout? Or is this idea of mine completely mad and undoable?

    I would be very grateful for any tips.

    I don't run every day but I run on a lot of days, the same goes for strength training. The best I can suggest is to have a few routes available and a list of workouts to rely on. That way you can pick and choose based on how you feel.

    For strength training I will do anything from a single level 2 workout with added pushups and pullups, all the way up to numerous level 4s and 5s. The same goes for running where my distances range between 4 and 10 km. It is not a rigid routine, more like a framework.



      several ways can work fine. About what volume are we talking? 10kish every day with 30 minutes strength for 20 to 30 sets is fine with sub maximal loads but can become very tricky to balance out. How much time you have and how you can or not recover will make a boatload of difference ; if you have a demanding job, a familly etc it will be different to a young single with a part time job…

      ps : currently on track with my yearly running plan 2600 k out of 5200 and 190 hours against 400 my strength training is at 60% of where it should be mostly for direct interference with worklife