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    Good Workouts for Basketball?

    So, I was just wondering what would be some good workouts to help improve performance while playing basketball. Some that I was thinking might be good here are the Slam Dunk workout (of course), the Superhero Speed and Run Faster workouts (I figure any workout that can help you run/move faster would definitely be helpful on the court), and the Volleyball Pro workout, because I figured that all of the lower body and core work that it incorporates could come in handy too. What do you guys think of these workouts being used for basketball, and do you have any other suggestions for Darebee workouts that would be a good fit for this style of training?

    When I was younger and playing basketball I rarely worked on upperbody strength, as I reasoned that having a different level of strength would affect my shooting. I guess it is sound thinking from one angle, but is completely wrong. So if you are looking to get better then upperbody would be key.

    Basketball is a collection of a lot of different skills though, as with most team sports it involves a solid balance of all three aspects of fitness - strength, endurance and agility. You might want to look at Hero's Journey as an option, as it has a wide range of activities (even if you can't follow it day by day).

    For strength I would look at pushups, pullups for upper body, burpees for full body, and jump tucks, jumping lunges and jumping squats for lower body. Endurance is just endurance, chose your favourite - though obviously running has more application here. In terms of running, you would want to work in sprinting as well as pure cardio. Mix in some other cardio though too, jumping rope specifically would transfer over well.

    In terms of agility, same kind of idea - work on anything that gives agility. Balance, coordination, learn to juggle if you want.

    A combination of all three would be to do something like a run with obstacles (or just run an obstacle course if you have access to one).


      CaptainCanuck Thanks for the input. Oh yeah, no worries, I don't neglect my upperbody at all hahaha.

      Not really interested in trying Hero's Journey personally, because the programs aren't really my thing. I prefer to create my own schedule. As for those other exercises though, I do push-ups daily and pull-ups bidaily, and one of the workouts I'm currently doing does have both jumping lunges and jump squats. I haven't done jump tucks in a while though, and while I don't do burpees on a regular basis (building up to being able to do 100 of them gave me more than my fill of the exercise lol) I do try them about once a month as a fitness test, and I've consistently been able to perform 100 repetitions without the push-ups. Those are good suggestions for cardio too. I run 30-60 minutes once, sometimes twice a week (sometimes with a treadmill and even on the spot when the weather gets in the way), and I've also been doing the beep test once a week lately. I don't usually do sprinting, although I tend to up the speed and set the treadmill to an incline when I use it, so I guess I do a little bit of running fast in some form. I haven't jumped rope in a really long time, although I would like to give that another shot. As for the balance, coordination, and agility, hmmm, maybe the agility ladder could work well here. I don't really think juggling is my thing though lol.

      By the way, what do you think of the workouts that I mentioned for basketball training? Also, do you have any suggestions for some more Darebee routines that might also be good?


        When I mentioned Hero's Journey, it was not necessarily to follow it as a program, just to use specific days as inspiration, and to pick and choose as you like.

        The three mentioned above look good, but it really comes down to you. As I said basketball involves a lot of different skills and abilities, and without playing against you, I can't really tell you where you need to work on?

        Roughly speaking I would say something like this in terms of needs:

        Shooting - Upperbody
        Rebounding - Upperbody and Jumping
        Defense - Running and agility
        Passing - Agility and upperbody
        General Floor Movement - Running and agility

        if juggling is not your thing, then you could find something else that requires a lot of hand to eye coordination. Table tennis has worked really well for me in that regard, but there are lots of options out there.


          CaptainCanuck Ohhhh okay, I get you. Maybe I'll take a look through the program sometime and see if I can find any workouts I think might work well for me then. I'm glad to hear that, and that's a good point, though I was just curious about some general ideas for how to train for it. I like the way you broke down what needs to be worked on for each aspect, that's pretty helpful. Oh yeah, for sure. I also like playing squash (mostly by myself lol) and I've been doing quite a bit of that at the local Y.M.C.A lately. Maybe that could help me with my hand-to-eye coordination.