Recently joined, recovering from a herniated disc

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    Recently joined, recovering from a herniated disc

    Hi! I'm recovering now from an herniated disc and I'm trying to strengthen my core and back to fully recover from the herniated disc. But I might need some help to know which are the adequate exercises that I can do; and which ones should I avoid

    Greetings, Welcome to the Hive! If you go to the Workouts page and filter for Abs, you'll get something like this. Perhaps start off with the level one workouts, see how you go. If too easy for you, move up to level two - but don't underestimate the level ones! They can be way more challenging than they look. Has your health care specialist given you any advice about exercises? My advice would be simply to start slowly, and see how you feel. Never rush things. It takes time to strengthen any part of you, and how strong you were before will have an effect on how you progress now. Give things a go, and if you want/need any help, just ask - people here are always happy to give advice.