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Am I doing something wrong?

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  • GentleOx
    Mmm... Interesting question and responses. I don't think your progress is unusual, and would attribute it to what Alan Thrall calls "Novice Gains". When you've just started working out, for at least a few months you tend to progress pretty quickly, and can lift dramatically more than when you started.

    When I was 16, I went from benching 40 kg 8x to 85 kg 8x in the span of ten months. Now, as a so-called "Advanced Lifter" (advanced simply means I'm very accustomed to lifting), I can't make those gains anymore unless I try a new exercise. You, on the other hand, will have more success as your body grows used to the movements.

    I don't know how your form/movement is, so I can't comment on that.

    Also, can I assume you're eating a healthy diet? That would explain a lot of the gains.

    What bodyparts should you focus on? I'm biased, but I think everyone should include some form of squat and deadlift. You've got the chest and arms covered, why not hit the back too (eg dumbbell rows)? And legs balance out your physique nicely.

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  • Airpower47
    You’re likely still in what people call the noob gains phase. You started not too long ago and you’re making progress at a surprising rate. Eventually you will hit a plateau and wonder again if you’re doing something wrong. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone who does regular exercise and tracks their progress.
    I have a couple questions about your overall routine so I can be more specific with advice:
    -Which exercises do you do exactly?
    -How many days a week do you exercise?
    -What exercises do you do on each day?
    -What exercises are you doing on consecutive days if you workout on consecutive days?
    -What does your diet look like, aka how much protein do you get on an average day?

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  • CaptainCanuck
    That progression sounds normal. It takes a while to get started, it seems like you are never able to do more but then progress seems to happen quickly.

    It depends on what you re trying to achieve for your workouts. If you are interested in bulking and you are making progress in the major muscle groups then you should start targeting other muscles. It doesn't necessarily do a lot for functional fitness though.

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  • lostsamurai
    started a topic Am I doing something wrong?

    Am I doing something wrong?

    i started weight training last august and i've been usually training arms, shoulders and chest heavily since the past 8 months because i felt my upper body was really weak. When i first started, i was about 85 kg(187.5 lbs) and my upper body was quite skinny due to being long(203cm|6.66feet). Now i weigh approximately 101kg(202lbs). when i started training, i started with 10 kg dumbells for biceps( 10x5-6 reps), 7.5kg dumbells for triceps(10x5-6) 25 kg bar for chest(10x4 reps) and 5kg dumbells for shoulders(10x4).

    Now i am currently working with 22.5kg dumbells for biceps(10x6), 30kg bar for triceps(13x5-6, mostly skull crushers), 25 kg dumbells for chests(10x7-8), and 10kg dumbells for shoulders(13x8,usually lateral raises and shoulder presses). I also pay attention to my form during these workouts and i usually take between 1.-1.5 minutes, 2 minutes at most between sets.

    My main concern is that whether or not im doing something wrong. I really didn't think i could improve this much in 8 months. Is my progression normal, or am i overlooking something?
    And also i would be very happy if you could givesome advice for my workouts. regarding what body part i should focus on more.