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    Road to Military Fit ?

    Hello every one,

    So I haven't done a lot of sports in the past few years and this month I've started to go at it again.

    My eventual goal is to be able to do the military fit program as i like a lot of the fitness goals it tries to achieve.

    I have started the 31st of March the Epic Five program because I wanted something quick so that i'd have no excuse to skip a day.

    I've been pretty consistent with it and tonight i will do my 30th consecutive day. So far I've been able to make every day 'epic' (doing everything in one go without stopping).
    But I've also come under the impression that this program was probably not intended to be done as a stand alone one.

    Although my physical condition has improved over the past month, I'm unsure whether or not I'd handle the Military Fit program even on Level I.

    What good program with no equipment would you recommend to get up to speed ? Strength Protocol seems nice but I feel like there isn't enough Cardio in it. Spartan Trials looks good also but I cannot buy the equipment before the start of May and I don't want to loose my momentum by stopping my daily workouts.

    Thank you a lot in advance for your advice, I wish you all a great day !

    Strength Protocol is a lot of fun. You could always add something like the 1 Minute HIIT program to it or something like that.


      Thank you for your reply.

      Should I do the HIIT program before or after Strength Protocol ?


        If you are interested in Spartan Trials you can do it without the equipment. I did and I didn't miss it much. It was still a good program I highly suggest.