Day 3, Day 2, Arms of Steel

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    Day 3, Day 2, Arms of Steel

    I never ask for help when I need but here goes. I’ve been using the site on/off for a few years back but never completed a program. I’ll happily attempt Level 3 of Workout of the Day everyday but can’t seem to complete a program.

    It’s not clear for me to understand what I need to do. Is it 30 seconds arm circles, rest 30 secs (repeat 3 times) and move on to next exercise, hold, rest (30) repeat X 3 etc etc?

    I’m just confused because I did as above for all exercises and presumed that was one set. Then I did a second and felt like it was too long. It’s says in the notes each day is 15-20 minutes long, but obviously, from what I’ve mentioned I did in paragraph 2, would take 12 mins and if I was to repeat, 24 mins so I know I am going wrong somewhere.

    Yesterday, when I did Day 2 I did push-ups to fatigue, 30 secs rest, push-ups to fatigue and I’m not going to bore you with the rest because I believe to be 2/3 of the way through after 25 mins and I know that is not right.

    Thanks in advance

    With day 2, where there is a "to fatigue", timing is very subjective. Between sets and exercises, there is a total of 5 1/2 minutes - if you stick to 30 seconds. For me, I find that shoulder taps don't take more than a minute, plank rotations about 2 minutes, punches one minute - each set. Only the push-ups took more time, so I think I took about 20 minutes for this one. I don't know how many push-ups you did or how long each set took you, but that may have blown out your timing.
    Day 3, for example, is easy to work out as the whole lot is timed, so it's: first set (30 sec) - 30s rest - 2nd set (30s) - 30s rest - third set (30s) - 30s rest before moving on to next exercise, being a total of 3 minutes. Whole workout ahould take about 12 minutes (actaully 11 1/2 if you want to be exact ) This changes, of course, where you do more than three sets, (though where that option is, it doesn't seem as though the exercises themselves would take a lot of time) and where there is a "to fatigue".
    I hope this answers your question.