New program suggestion after completed spartan and head stand suggestions

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    New program suggestion after completed spartan and head stand suggestions

    Hello. I am again wrting about me. Thank you for reading and suggestions.

    I finished spartan trials 4. time yesterday. This time i used some weight on my foot and dumbell sometimes for example in squat to make it harder. It was good.

    I had some hard times in some days. 25 and 29 for example. 29 is abs, it is not problem but 25 is important for me. I dont know if this is normal not to be able to make this easier?

    Spartan trials had pullups at some days. 5 sets for example, i could do 7 reps, 6 reps, 5 reps, 5 reps, 4 reps usually. So, i am not strong at pull ups too. Spartan did not help me about improving my pullups. So before that i need to work for that , pullups i think?

    In past i did other programs such as avatar, express tone, etc. Express tone was good for my arms. I felt stronger after it.

    For 2-3 weeks, i started to try handstanding. I cant stand without wall more than 1-2 seconds so at first i try to do handstand push ups but it gives real hard times. I cant do more than 2-3. I do normal workouts in the afternoon, this handstands in the evening. After eating. I did not want to add to my normal fitness routine because i was doing spartan and did not want to take more time than it in afternoon.

    I can do handstand wrkout without so much effort
    20 tricep dips are hard at first but i can do it also. But still i cant do exactly handstand pushups with wall. Then i will do handstands walks and maybe standing without wall but i also fall, despite i think i have strong core.

    So, i think for a few days, i will go with some workouts if you suggest. I can spend 50-80 minutes per day in afternoon. In evening i can again try handstand maybe.

    I delay starting military fit for months because looking at first day even scares me:

    I can do 20 pushups maybe at first 2-3 sets but then cant do so much. Others are reasy. But then 20 lunges are hard. Again, i can do at first sets but then cant. I can do others without so much efforts.

    I also tried this but i need wall. I wish i could do that 11. movement :i(

    So,what workouts do you suggest to be stronger to do that military day 1 and spartan day 25 which i posted screenshots of them and handstands and to do also more than 4-5 pull ups?

    Should i go again for another program or work for the weaknesses i told (pullups, military fit 1 day, spartan 25 day and handstand pushups) by some workouts from darebee or another sites?

    if you really want to master hand stand push ups, you can check the videos of these guy:

    He is truly a machine, but also explain very good the movements. The Workouts are on expert level, indeed but if you want a challenge, here you go