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    A longtime lurker ready to commit

    Hi all,

    Ok so I have been aware of Darebee for about 8 years....but I have never committed to get started.

    This is partly because I have been a "never exerciser", I basically didn't exercise for exercises sake. I exercised when it fulfilled a purpose. For example: the 2 mile walk to/from work with a heavy laptop and other kit (tools etc), was my daily cardio by walking at max pace and trying to shave the time down each day (shin splint hell). I had started measuring pace and I was averaging about 4.5 mph for my stumpy legs I was pretty happy with that!

    Lockdown and not leaving the house ment that I wasn't doing my daily ruck and my weight started going up. I initially addressed this with fasting and it did a good job until my body got used to it (18 : 6 fasting).

    So a positive of Covid 19 has been a re-evaluation of my mentality towards fitness.

    I discovered PAI tracking on my watch and have been maintaining a PAI 100-130 since Jan, so at least I know I am not going to have a heart attack anytime soon. Which is nice to know and encourages me to push harder. This has been done using a static bike. So the problem is that I haven’t been “skipping leg day” I have been skipping everything else
    Which is why I am here, time to do the rest of my body.

    So onto some daft questions:

    Warm up – is it necessary every time? When I do the bike I don’t warm up I just take it slow for the first 1K. Can I apply the same to Darebee workouts?

    Stretch down – is it necessary? Again when I do the bike I just slow it down for the last 1K.

    Full body workouts – so I have spent a lot of time going through the programs and I keep coming back to just picking full body workouts from the 100 workout books. My thinking is by working the whole body I will burn more calories and I am generally conditioning the whole body (which to be honest won’t be a bad thing for me ). Is this bad thinking? Am I about to do something stupid?

    Working out everyday – so once I have the workout pinned down, the plan is to workout daily switching between different full body workouts. This is to boost my PAI but also to establish routine and habit. Good idea or bad idea?

    Any help or advice would be hugely appreciated and I am genuinely looking forward to being part of this ultra positive community.

    Warm up and cool down aren't strictly needed, but you get more out of the exercise if you do.

    Full body workouts are fine. If I were to choose only one kind of workout I would choose those. On the other hand there is not really any benefit in terms or output.


      Warm up and stretching take time but they make a difference, they are not necessary but they reduce the risk of injury and help you recover better and earlier.
      I am happy with the 30-day programs, every month I choose one and follow it without having to think about anything, they are varied so I don't get bored, the exercises are well balanced so I don't have to choose more workouts that go well together.
      I started with individual full body workouts too but once I tried the programs I feel better and are more comfortable


        to take it easy/slow in the first set and slow down in the last isn't stupid at all, it is a legit way of warming up/down. Doing full body workouts is a good way to begin with, but going full body and full throttle everyday isn't a good idea. Your body and your mind needs time to recover. You might concider the classic setup of 3 fullbody workouts a week and find some recovery workouts/yoga for the days inbetween... As long as you have fun and not risking an injury, you are good to go...


          You might find something useful in the training plans. They give an outline and you pick your own workouts to drop in.


            The most important thing to do is whatever you enjoy and can stick to, Warm ups aren't necessary but it probably makes the workout more intense and more effective because your heart rate is already up - Stretching is fine done every couple of days but don't neglect it entirely, nothing worse than being as stiff as a board - trust me it sucks. Good luck on your journey, all the programmes here have the perfect balance for your goals and they're good to compliment with extra work E.g Cycling. Hope to see a Checking-in thread in the near future


              Hey! Welcome, and it's great to hear about you getting started.

              I'm more of a weights kind of guy, but here's what I think.

              Warming up is definitely appreciated by your body. Light dynamic warmups are helpful for this.

              Stretching, I confess to not really doing (except instinctively). I've been told to do it all the time - things like "it prevents injury" - but it just hasn't been useful to me, as I don't actually need to be flexible.

              Fullbody workouts... Ain't nothing wrong with them. If they work for you, keep doing 'em! You will not injure yourself out of the blue. Your body gives off clues that something is wrong, or about to go wrong.

              I don't think there's anything wrong with using the same workout 2 or 3 times a week; you'll still burn calories. If you're not into weightlifting/powerlifting, then repeating workouts isn't a big deal.

              Good luck with your fitness journey.


                Thanks you all for the responses it is really appreciated. Sorry for the late reply, I need to get into the habit of logging in daily.