AoP: What use are the market items and when do I return to my camp?

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  • fosca
    Thank you both for your feedback, I am more confident now that I'm not doing anything wrong.
    As for the fish: maybe I will just try getting a fishing pole and catching some fish to see what happens. if I do, I will let you know here

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  • Brontus
    There are some things that you will need as the story reveals. Those are the only things I bought because I was working through the story. However, I did notice that there is a fishing spot and a fishing pole to buy in order unlock it, so I imagine if you wanted to do a bit of extra roleplay at some point, you could buy the pole and go fishing. Same with other things. I can't remember if the fish can be sold though.

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  • PetiteSheWolf
    Don't worry overly, and have fun
    Seriously, no you do not need to go back to the camp daily (unless the story states that's where you go back).
    I don't think any of the buyable trinkets , even the food, were really useable (maybe placeholders for another expansion / version of the game?), but others with fresher memories will confirm. Save your scraps for the "big day" , you will be glad you did (and do additional jobs and arena fights when your travels allow) !
    The world of Pandora needs you and your sweat and grins of satisfaction when the workout is over!

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  • AoP: What use are the market items and when do I return to my camp?

    Hi all,
    I'm on chapter 15 in Age of Pandora right now, and I have a question about the items available at agora markets.

    There are several threads discussing how to do jobs properly, and I have also seen that apparently you need a lot of scraps on a later chapter, so that explains why you should actually do a lot of jobs.
    But here's the thing: When visiting an agora, I can see that there are a number of items available for me to purchase. What I don't know, however, is if I need to buy any of them. This is especially the case for food items: Do I have to buy them, because my character would otherwise starve? And if so, how much food do I need to buy, and how is it consumed?
    But also the other items are not clear to me: Do I need things like a hoodie? Or are they just there so I can spend my hard earned scraps on something?

    The other questions concerns my camp:
    In the story, I spent some time improving the defenses (which was fun), which I take to mean that this is my home base. But, I don't seem to spend a lot of time there, storywise.
    Does that mean that the camp is not as important as I initially thought? Or will it become more important later on?
    Or, was I actually supposed to return to my camp at the end of the day, unless the story explicitly places me somewhere else over night? Because that would mean that I owe a lot of high knees.

    Thanks in advance, I really like this program (it's my first on darebee!), but I'm a little worried I'm playing it "wrong".