Sprained ankle. Need to burn calories.

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    Sprained ankle. Need to burn calories.

    Managed to get a 2nd degree sprain last week while running. Did RICE and it's getting more stable, but I've been off my training regimen (I usually do martial arts and calisthenics 5 days a week). I need something that would burn calories without needing to use my leg.

    Any program or workout advice is highly appreciated.


    I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for, but you could maybe try doing a number of the more intense ab workouts (I personally rather like Shredder abs or Six pack) or filter for upper body workouts too? These might turn out to be more strength based as opposed to high calorie burn workouts though )


      What I'm actually looking for is a workout or workout program that doesn't involve my legs, preferably at all.

      Right now I'm gaining weight fast since I am not training like I used to, even though I don't eat as much.

      I just need something to keep my upper body busy for the next 2 to 3 weeks.

      Hope it's better explained now. Thanks.


        You don't eat as much, but you're still eating way more than you need. (Fun fact: Humans have a 50% error in their estimation of calorie amounts. So if I think "I ate 1800 kcal today" it could be anywhere from 900 - 2700 kcal.)

        I don't know if you'll be able to build a legless training regiment that can catch that.

        However what you can do is count calories for a couple of weeks, controlling your food intake until you are completely back in the game. Because even once you're allowed to start your regular training again you won't be able to go full throttle right away. Focussing on protein is also good for healing.


          What Noen said. You gain weight because you eat too much, not because you don't train enough. The 200kcal you burn in a workout are easily replaced with a ham sandwich. Try to be hungry for a while. In a variation of an other saying: 'Hunger is the feeling of fat leaving your body'


            SidMax Are you able to stand? Could I interest you in these?


            Upperbody Works

            One Angry Bird


              I can stand, and I can walk almost without a hitch.

              Andi64 I know I eat more. What I meant to say is I would normally burn 500-600 calories during my workouts. My BMR is obnoxiously low, so it's hard to stick to it. Thus, while I will cut a bit on the food, I was looking for some exercises to aid the efforts of calorie matching.


                SidMax if you can stand I highly recommend KB swings. These will get your HR really up and burn quite a lot of calories if you do things right. You could do a pyramid workout combining swings (use a heavy bottle or a dumbbell if you don't have a kettlebell) with push-ups or knee push-ups if regular ones put too much strain on your ankle.

                You can still do tons of quadrupped exercises that target your glutes. While they are usually not very metabolic, they do train one of the largest muscles in the body, namely your glutes, and it is always better than doing nothing. Plus, stronger glutes will make your recovery and after-recovery training better and safer.

                You can do lots of creative metabolic exercises on the floor/soft mat: do some ab work, then roll your body to the left and to the right, get up in a way that's safe for your ankle, and quickly back on the floor, you know, kinda modified lazy burpees. If you do many of those, you will get your HR up and that's what you need here.

                You just need some out-of-the-box thinking.

                Lots of fast and dynamic upper body work will help, too.

                Also, can you squat?

                Squat and dumbbell or kettlebell overhead press will make you sweat in no time. Combine those with KB swings and there you have it, HR to the roof!

                All I'm saying is backed by personal experience, I've had times where I could only train without lifting my legs from the floor. These things work, you just need to do them and don't despair that it's not your usual stuff.

                Good luck and speedy recovery!!!


                  Also, cut back on carbs now that you don't burn so much. Especially avoid bread, sweets and flour as they are fast acting carbs that make our metabolism lazy. Sub with veggies and quality protein and your weight will stay more stable. Again, I hope you'll get better quickly!