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My recommendations after 1000 days in The Hive

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    My recommendations after 1000 days in The Hive

    1000 days ago, I joined The Hive. Time flies…

    Regarding fitness I am a novice, just arrived from a near-zero level. But the fact that I am still here entitles me to advice those who joined after me.
    These are my 6 recommendations.

    1. Of course you can: I started running, and learned to skip rope, punch, and kick, here. Even made my first pull-up, all of this having started at the age of 53. This was after 30+ years smoking and working on a desk for many hours a day. Investigate The Hive and you will find far more amazing stories of recovery and defeating problems. The point here is that whatever handicap you think you have, it only exists in your head. Whatever type of body or age you have, there is a type of workout for you.

    2. Have fun: There is no ending point, only the journey counts. To make it last you need to have fun. In my case, I love collecting new exercises and count them in my magic-excel. You need to find what makes you happy and always keep that in mind. Perhaps a certain type of exercise. Perhaps exercising in a certain time of day, or in a specific location, or with someone. Perhaps doing online with a remote friend or sharing your pics somewhere. Perhaps beating your previous personal record or learning new skills. Perhaps counting how many grams were added/removed since yesterday. Where there is a will there is a way, and joy can provide you the necessary will.

    3. Do it slowly, do not lie to yourself: Nobody is chasing you, checking what you are doing or evaluating. So put the focus on doing each exercise in the right form. Worry about the speed, weight, or number of repetitions later. General case, exercises are much harder to do slowly. But do them slowly enough so that you can watch yourself and ensure the proper form. Breath, observe, enjoy.

    4. Stick with your goals: Adjust them when needed, but do not put them aside. Keep in mind that maintaining the momentum is a million times easier than start a movement. Here, workout is just like physics, business, and life: Keep moving, adjust speed or direction, but never stop. Any mathematician can explain, a small exercise is an infinity bigger than none. Bottom line, whatever happens, keep moving. Restarting causes fatigue, avoid it by not stopping.

    5. Seek and give support: In case of doubt, ask. If you can help, answer. The Hive is an unusual community. I know this. I know because I was there when Internet was invented and saw many communities (including some that are now disappeared). The Hive is a special supporting community.

    6. Support the project: Infrastructure costs money, the team spends time and they also pay rents. A small amount for you (for us) is crucial for the project, to make sure it will last long. Sharing the site with your friends and social networks, refer to it in your blog, is also relevant to increase adherence. Remember we want this project to last forever. I proudly give a small donation every month, without fail. Hope many others are doing the same. Ideally Darebee team would be doing nothing but writing good content for us, without the need of a job, for ever and ever.

    This is my advice, based on my own journey. So far.

    To finish, a word for Darebee Team: You are changing lives, thank you for being there.

    Happy training,

    Thanks for the great advice


      As someone new to the Hive, this was very encouraging - thank you for sharing!

      #3 and #4 both really spoke to me, especially how you mention with goals to "Adjust them when needed, but do not put them aside." - I am learning this one right now as I'm finding myself having to adjust a bit, so it was great timing to hear.


        All of that is really great advice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!