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    Picking the next program(s)

    I'm 10 days away from completing Spellbound and I'm looking at the next step.
    Compared to bootcamp that I do once a week, I'm not nearly as exhausted with Spellbound so I fear that this program wasn't challenging enough.

    My goal:
    Functional strength and stamina. Aesthetics are secondary but nice to have. Would like to improve on some flexibility too

    Weakpoints: My arms are my weakpoint, push-ups are very hard for me (5 normal push-ups in a row is my max). Meanwhile my abs and to lesser extent legs are comparatively much stronger. This is why I'm not 100% sure about using a program instead of seperate workouts/challenges. I don't want to overdo my arms with a too high level and neither do I want to give the rest of my muscles a holiday off with a program too low.

    Current workouts:
    Spellbound: too easy compared to bootcamp, I think I can level up
    Touch your toes: can't manage it quite yet but I think this is good for flexibility. Would like to expand this part of my workout with other flexibility exercises
    Easy core: way too easy, I do this during the rest period between two sets
    Chest & Arms: the shoulder taps are easy enough but the push ups are hard
    Abs of Steel: flutter kicks and back extensions are too easy. Plank cruch is a bit harder but I think that mostly has to do with focussing on the proper form
    Glutes of Steel: leg extensions are too easy. Bridges a bit harder but still easy enough.

    I still want to finish the programs I'm doing currently, but the next ones need to be harder.

    When looking at the programs of level 4 there are 6 options
    High Gear: Focusses on high burn and streamline, not my main goal so this one is not suitable
    Carbon and Dust: This one looks very promising but I'm definitely not able to do a circle push-up which is already on day 2. Also not a specific strength program
    Strength Protocol: no pull-up bar but this is optional. Day 1: push-ups, diamond push-ups, tricep extensions and tricep dips. This is too hard for me
    Avatar upgrade: Why is this in level 4? It says that it is level 5? Is there an option to do this on a level 4?
    30 days of HIIT advanced: not focussed on strength
    30 days of Strength: this one looks promising. Don't have a pull-up bar but I can only see a few days that need a pull-up bar.

    At the moment I'm leaning towards 30 days of Strength

    On top of that I would include
    - 30 days of knee push-ups to increase my arm strength
    - 30 days of plank challenge to keep my abs strength up and to sign off on the 5 minute elbow plank
    - On leg days bubble butt workout

    My questions
    - Do you think that 30 days of Strength would be suitable for me and my goals?
    - I'm pretty clueless in regards to stretching, can someone recommend me a suitable program/workout/challenge to increase my flexiblity?
    - In general, do you think this is a good idea to work towards my goals?

    I would say that your choices are good and maybe you can improve them along the way by seeing how it goes.

    For flexibility:
    Flexibility Week
    Flexibility Challenge
    Or you can take workouts from the database that you like and inspire you and use those

    For strength:
    Chair Rows Challenge
    For the push-ups I would use mini sets to improve, even just one at a time maybe as burpee so you also work with cardio
    When I did 500 push-ups in a single workout I used 5, 5 x 100 mini sets and I had no problems the next day, it's just an example but it's to make it clear that the total number matters more than how many pushes -ups in a row are done if you want to improve.
    These are just some ideas, I hope they help you


      30 Days of Strength would be good for the progression that you are aiming for. The bar is always an add-on to programs, it is never necessary.

      There are good recommendations above for stretching, another one to consider would be the 30 Days of Yoga program.

      Your goals look fine and so does your plan. It is also OK if your goals become moving targets. A lot of us here start out with a goal in mind and then change focus as we progress.