Back again, where to start again?

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    Back again, where to start again?

    Hi all,
    I've been here before it was Jan 2019, I had just developed an eating disorder (binge eating) and i started ballooning in weight. I was training in martial arts (taekwondo) and it was seriously effecting my cardio vascular health. I then became really depressed because of the Binge eating episodes and it took control of me completely I had given up everything including hope and wanting to live. at the time I was 5 foot 9 and 13 stone with a "chubby" build. things got worse for me and i developed a daily pattern of starving myself until about 8pm and then going to the shop buying something like 3 packs of cookies, 2 chocolate bars, 3 pies, a milkshake, a pizza, fries, 4 beers, a bag of haribo sweets (gummy candy) and if any desserts or treats were in the reduced section I bought the lot, I'd eat everything i mentioned in the space of 4 hours and go to bed with the worst heartburn ever known to man.

    I then had an accident in June 2019 where i was walking down the stairs in my house and sort of front flipped breaking my arm and slipping a disk in my back from here things got worst, I lost my job and became the laziest I had ever been, I sat playing games on my pc for around 16 hours a day and becoming a ghost amongst my family, My wife supported me because she could see i was ill but it just made me seriously riddled with guilt which in turn made me turn to more food, so add a morning schedule nearly identical to the one above and you have my daily diet at the time, this went on for some time.

    I got an email inviting me to watch a taekwondo grading, which i think was my instructors way of seeing me because he obviously saw how bad i looked in the street, at the grading he offered to buy me dinner afterwards and i agreed because although I was totally distant from everyone I still considered him my friend, by this time i had healed up and he offered me free classes so in his words i can do "something, ANYTHING", I accepted on the grounds he wouldn't push me like he used to and aslong as he didn't expect me to finish the warm up (this was no ordinary warm up with loads of burpees and stuff) he laughed and agreed anyway. I turned up to training and i absolutely sucked I couldn't even finish the first lap of the hall we use to train let alone run for 5 minutes, when it came to kicks i couldn't kick over my waist if my life depended on it, my body growing and my muscles atrophying i was basically useless, but the endorphines felt so good I planned to go again no matter how embarrassed i felt and then covid hit the UK and closed down all the martial arts. I was back to sitting on a game 16 hours a day and eating the same Sh*t.

    Today I am 5ft9 16 stone with absolutely no muscle and non exsistant cardio, I can't walk up the stairs without being winded, I can't play with my kids and i can't run to save my life, wierdly i can walk flat surfaces fine and walk around 8 miles a week but it seems to have little to no effect, my relationship has taken a massive kick in the teeth from all of this I can't keep up with my wife in any sense whether it be house work or other things ...

    a few things that have changed in the last 2 months are: I'm working part time, so for 16 hours a week i'm not sat at a computer, I have cut down on gaming massively (although i still sit down for around 12 hours a day doing absolutely nothing), during the peak of my depression before it started to get a bit better around 2 months a go I decided i was going to go vegetarian as a way to say thank you to my dog who helped me through it all ( i know we don't eat dogs, but the thought of hurting animals just really hits my emotions now) and i'm eating roughly 3 solid meals a day instead of the crazy eating patterns i had before, unfortunately I am eating a lot of fried foods and humongous amounts of food at each sitting which i know i need to reduce but i have to be careful how i approach it to avoid falling into the eating disorder again.

    I'm sorry for the long post I just thought the background would explain what i'm up against a bit better than saying "How do i lose weight and regain my cardio?", I owe it to my wife, my children and my self to turn this around I really do... How can i regain my body? where should i start? thank you to anyone who has read this it feels so good to get it off my chest I'd really like to become a success story.

    Thanks again.

    Bless you! I bet it took a lot of courage to write that post.

    May I recommend, as a first step, the Vitality program. It's very gentle and low impact, but still gets you going. I just finished it about 12 days ago, and I started it because I'd been inactive during lockdown and was feeling pretty awful and not confident at all that I could do anything. I felt massively better just for starting it, and I think you will too. Make a commitment for 30 days.

    Also, you mention that you're doing some walking - walking is perfectly good cardio. Keep doing that, and maybe push yourself a little, see how fast you can walk for 60 seconds, or go a little further than normal. Also, you're interested in martial arts, so maybe pick a couple of combat move workouts, like Combat Light or The Final Bell, to do in addition to Vitality and get back into it.

    If you do those things, you will improve, you'll feel better, and things will start looking up.

    Also, I'd strongly recommend starting a log on here, in the Check-in section. It's a really good tool to track your progress and people will cheer you on. You can cheer others on too, which is also a good feeling. All the bees in the hive want you to become a success story, too!


      Welcome back, as CarbonaraTamara said stick around with us and you will get there.


        Wow! It is cool to hear that you are getting back into Darebee! I agree with CarbonaraTamara about the choice of exercises, but your choice to eat healthier will also really help, and is a major factor in any fitness journey.


          CarbonaraTamara Wow, Thank you so much for an in-depth reply with links to your suggestions, I greatly appreciate the time you have taken to give me advice. Tomorrow I will start a log and Vitality will be my first plan, I have taken some before pictures and I was quite upset with how I looked to be honest I will include them in my log as a motivation. I also love your motto!

          CaptainCanuck Thank you so much for your reassuring words, I checked out your log and was very inspired by your creativity and consistency, hope we get to know each other well!

          fitniac I hear you loud and clear pal, I've known this all my life and it's been an ongoing battle ever since hehe. I see you have just started logging some stuff and I must admit you have a solid base fitness and do an incredible voluntary job, thank you.


            For me a big part was being active with my kids, it is a great motivation.


              Originally posted by UKmanUK12 View Post
              CarbonaraTamara Wow, Thank you so much for an in-depth reply with links to your suggestions, I greatly appreciate the time you have taken to give me advice. Tomorrow I will start a log and Vitality will be my first plan, I have taken some before pictures and I was quite upset with how I looked to be honest I will include them in my log as a motivation. I also love your motto!
              Good on you! Just don't let those pictures become a barrier, maybe you don't need to keep them in your log, maybe just keep them private for your own motivation. Thanks for liking my motto! I got it from other bees; it means you don't have to be perfect, just try a bit and keep going.

              All the best! I look forward to seeing your log.