Age of Pandora as a Running Programme

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    Age of Pandora as a Running Programme

    This isn't a technical question, but a request for experience.

    Has anyone done Age of Pandora as a running programme?

    I've done part 1, and did it at Level III with high knees for my travel points.

    I see you can sub in running.

    However, looking at the first Chapter, I make the journey 6.8 miles (11km) for the first day's travel.

    That seems very demanding for me. I like to do things at Level 3 if I can, but of course will go down the levels if I need to, but I just wondered if anyone had done the running version - at any level - and how manageable they found it.

    Many thanks.

    I did part 1 at lvl 3 with a running program but not as a running program. My running at the time was move advanced than the demands of the program so I usually ran further (or I would wait a day so things lined up with a long run) than what was needed but it was a lot of fun. Added a bit of a sense of purpose to the runs and was fun to actually run to the places. I would recommend it as a fun addition but I wouldn't let it cause harm.


      When I did Age of Pandora, I did a part of it as a running program, but it would have been very demanding indeed to do all the program as a running program, so I split travel days in two parts, alternate running and walking days; on some days I run/walked + workout, others I did just the run/walk and the workout another day... I think it's pretty flexible and you can tailor on your own level of fitness


        I have done the first few days of AoP only and can't remember exactly how it works in terms of format, but I do swap out running for high knees in Military Fit a lot. I measured myself on the treadmill and I do 175-200 steps per minutes there, so I usually translate the high knees to minutes and then round up a bit because running is easier than high knees I think. When I do AoP this is what I am planning to do, though I am keen to hear what other people have come up with.


          Azercord Manuela @CaptainCanuck

          thank you ever so much for the feedback!

          I am still considering my options but will probably do a mix of Real-World Running with indoor high-knees/march steps and total up travel for a week (or maybe 5 days at a time) and split it into an agreeable set of runs/sessions.

          Thank you again!