Is it harmful to follow several programs

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    Is it harmful to follow several programs

    I'm new to these programs but I've really liked it. I thank all of you who are involved with this free site and awesome resources.

    I've one question though.

    Is it harmful to follow several programs? Currently I'm trying to follow Foundation, 30 days of Cardio blast and Core Strenth

    Another question is, How do you filter through all of those workouts. Looks like I like most of them? How do you apply them to your exercise routine?

    Harmful? Probably not, but the programs are designed around certain gains or changes over a period of time, so they might not be as effective. There is of course the risk of overtraining but that is true in general.

    I dont know your present level of fitness but those three programs together should be ok.


      Originally posted by CaptainCanuck View Post

      I dont know your present level of fitness but those three programs together should be ok.
      Thank you for the quick response. I also feel those 3 should be Ok.


        In addition to he programs, there are different training plans you can use, according to your goals (general fitness, strength/tone ...).
        So let's say you want to improve your general fitness, so you choose 'The Guardian' template. That calls for a 'Strength Workout' on day1. You then go to the workout page and use the filter feature:

        Click image for larger version  Name:	filter.jpg Views:	0 Size:	38.4 KB ID:	767437

        Then you filter the workouts by type (= Strength/Tone), difficulty (let's say Level 2) and by focus. Let's say, you want to make Monday your 'Leg-day', you choose 'Lower Body' and tataaa:
        17 workouts to choose from. Even less if you consider a classic or circuit workout.
        The rest is up to your gusto.
        Use the same method to fill the other days and you got your first hand-tailored, bespoke workout week.

        Keep in mind, that the bee-keepers put a lot of thought into those programs, so your self-made plan might not as efficient as they are.
        I'd suggest you keep a training-log like an Excel-sheet, Google sheets or sheets of paper, if you are old-school. It helps to keep things tidy and is fun to read, when you are a tough level 5 athlete.
        All the best


          Thank you Andi64. Now i think I get the idea how to use the workouts.