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  • Damer
    jtom thank you so much for checking and I am sorry, I just got to this. Timezone differences and the current workload make it tricky being online all the time. We are UK-based and registered as a non-profit organization. We are not however registered as a charity. Charity status is granted for activities much broader to what we do and, when we initially explored the option when we were setting up, the Board of Trustees compensation required was way more costly than our current set up which allows for non-paid positions in our Board of Governance. We're also looking at the issue caused by vastly different definitions of "charity" across different jurisdictions which makes it way harder to manage and is an additional expense both in terms of time and resources. We have had, lately, a number of people who, like you, have tried to donate through their company. Because we are UK-based, unfortunately, we don't qualify. I hope this answers your question.

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  • jtom
    started a topic Nonprofit Status?

    Nonprofit Status?

    I want to donate from my donar-advised charitable fund, but Schwab doesn't show you as a nonprofit. Would they know you by another name? I could also designate you via taxpayer ID.