Short or long runs?

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    Short or long runs?

    Hi, I have a question. I've been doing 6 km runs three times a week and for a while have been thinking about turning to 2 longer runs (10 km). The reason is mostly to have an extra "Free day" on my agenda.

    What would be the pros and cons of this switch?


    It depends on what your goals are with running? Are you doing it solely as a form of exercise or are you trying to increase your speed or endurance? If you are looking to increase speed and endurance then you will want to run different speeds at different distances and preferably on different surfaces if that is possible.

    Running a 10km twice week could take a toll on your body. Some people do it, other people have to train just to be able to run 10km. There are some benefits to running more often, as your heart rate stays elevated for some time after your runs but if you are doing an extra 2km or week then it might offset it.

    If you are using your free day for exercise then it probably makes sense.



      Thanks so much for your response. Being quarantined because of a trip I had to take, I realised the problem was I was not organising my time correctly more than not having time (that's part of the reason why I didn't respond earlier).
      I decided to use this time to make a timetable for my daily routines (not just exercise, but daily chores and study too).

      I'm starting next Monday with it and got to not only accommodate the runnings but some home exercises as well.

      Hoping to be able to keep my word and get the most of each day!


        wisel There is a thread for a collective running challenge in the Playground section now if you are interested.