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HIIT vs Tabata vs LISS

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    HIIT vs Tabata vs LISS

    I have read a lot of articles stating that just one round of tabata (20"on/10"off for 4' total), is as effective burning fat/calories and building aerobic system, as 40' of LISS. Also, they say that it is as effective (maybe little better) as HIIT. Considering that you do really all out exercises (not being able to complete last two sets but still doing..!) does this have a scientific base? Because if it does, it should be ideal to keep fit when very short on time..! What exercises are best for Tabata, except for sprints and spin bike? Lastly, do these advantages, considering there are any, last for more than couple of months or do they fade quickly?
    Thanks a lot in advance!!!

    Try a tabata burpee
    All bodyweight exercises are fine but keep in mind that they have to be done at maximum speed, as if they were a sprint or it's not tabata.


      With HITT you train the anarobic and aerobic energy system. With LISS aerobic / duration.
      It is said that the 'after burn' effect from HITT can be benificial for fat burning.

      If you go full-out you need some time for recovery meaning you can only do a few HITT sessions a week.
      If you are just starting have much overweight or your muscles and condition is not well developed, a good diet and easy LISS training is more than enhough.

      Most duration (running) athletes do contrast training. Easy Long Pace (LISS), Tempo Treshhold Pace, Interval pace (HITT)

      Doing multiple types of training is the sweet spot, a lot depends on your goals and ambitions every type of training can give another type of stimilus and has different recovery times.

      Training is maintenance, you can build up a good conditioned body pretty fast, building muscles takes a bit longer. Practice and patience does wonders.


        HIIT can burn fat even 48 hours later as i read.


          I think a good and simple article that sumurized HIIT vs. LISS is

          In scientific literature, you can fin a lot of studies, e.g. in you can read a comparison focused on Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity.

          Moreover you can read the article of Izumi Tabata who analyse 20 years of studies on Tabata ( )

          Tabat procotol can be apply to a large number of exercises. The only limitation regards the fact one can do comfortably them. If they are or not bodyweigth is not important. As a matter of fact, the setup is very important as for EMOM. For example, it's not possible to use such kind of protocol forr bench press.


            The big thing to keep in mind is that variety is the spice of life. No one thing is really better than the other (mainly because our body is lazy) because they all have their pros and cons and which is better really just depends on your goal at the time.

            For example I try to stay away from Tabata and HIIT because I am currently lifting heavy and that alone is a huge drain on the CNS. LISS on the other hand is pretty low key as long as I have the time. However when I start back up on a cutting (or even ever so often on maintenance) I will dump the LISS in a heartbeat and do more HIIT/Tabata style workouts to burn more calories is a shorter time period and my lifting will become lighter.

            Science can tell you the pros and cons but it also seems to always go back to the same thing: one isn't really better or worse than the other.