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  • neilarey
    Nevetharine we meet again!

    You can use it for 3 Meals a Day plan as well, it would just be Caloric restriction type of thing. For someone who exercises regularly, is generally very active and/or trying to put on muscle, it should be more 5-6 meals a day for the small portion sizes. If you are counting Calories, you can use the service (cronometer) I mentioned in my previous reply and just eat until you hit your target for the day. You will probably end up with 3-4 meals small DAREBEE meals, depending on the recipe.

    Just something I also want to add -

    I don't remember if we mentioned it in the past (or recently) but DAREBEE is trying to move away from the diet culture in general. We don't want to add to it and we want to focus on healthy way of eating instead. We want you to be happy and feel satisfied when you eat instead of feeling guilty or worry about what and how much you eat. It's incredibly tricky because at the same time we recognize that to feel that way you also need to feel comfortable and happy in your own body and dropping extra weight, the weight that makes you slower or makes you feel less comfortable, is important, too. As the middle ground we settled on portion control and we focus on fiber, healthy fat and lots and lots of vegetables to make you feel more satisfied when you eat because the portions are larger.

    I hope this makes sense and helps

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  • Nevetharine
    started a topic Recipe Book Questions

    Recipe Book Questions

    So, if you choose to eat the small portions in the recipe book to reduce bodyfat, do you still eat 3 meals a day?

    Because I see there's a mention of micro meals? So just wondering if the small portions are meant for 3x a day or 5-6x a day?