Getting rid of the belly - When do you actually start Ab Workouts?

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    Getting rid of the belly - When do you actually start Ab Workouts?


    A Month Before, I finished 60 days of Cardio.
    Just now, I finished Cardio Trim.

    Because of these, I lost weight and is now currently 159lbs. And My 2 upper abs are showing up.
    But, I still have belly fat. particularly on the sides. Also my I think my thighs are still big.

    The Question is, should I still go for Cardio Workouts/Weightloss and Streamline? Or Go Strength and tone?
    I've read the fitness article "Getting rid of the belly" But it doesn't actually say when should I start focusing on abs if I don't want a "belly bulge."

    I'm planning on starting 30 Days of HIIT. is that a Good "next step" for me?

    1- You cannot spot reduce fat. If you are in caloric deficit your body will burn fat BUT it decides where to take it from first, you don't, and no amount of exercising a particular body part can help convince it if anything.

    2- You CAN increase muscle tone, tho, which might make fat jiggle a bit less even if the muscles are still hiding under their padding.

    3- Do whatever type of exercise you enjoy and will continue doing, put more veggies and lean protein on your plates and cut back a bit on the rest. You are not really overweight, think little old ladies saying they're on a diet... extra salads, only 1 glass of wine, and split dessert instead of eating whold thing.


      +1 to the above, especially point 3.

      Start controlling better what goes into your body. This site has a great section on nutrition.


        I agree with ’rin on the first point. A caloric deficit is very important to losing weight. Another important detail is that the amount of protein, fats and carbs you eat matter. You need to ensure you eat enough protein to maintain the muscle mass you have built. Avoid processed carbs and high sugar content. Studies have shown just how addictive they are. Kiana Docherty on Youtube has some very informative videos on the topic.
        You can use the MyFitnessPal app to track your daily calories. Eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day to gain muscle.
        As far as abs go, start now. Work those muscles through static hold exercises like planks, 6in holds, etc. and exercises that mimic movements you do in real life like flutter kicks, wood choppers, etc. but avoid heavy weighted and high volume twisting exercises. State hold exercises work the muscles that will stabilize your spine and maintain your balance when doing other exercises. As an example, some people find that strengthening their core with the static holds has allowed them to increase the weight they lift in exercises like overhead press and deadlifts. Exercises that mimic every day movements are self explanatory.